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Nathan Lee: My name was ‘cheap’ due to being dragged into a scandal

On April 1, singer Nathan Lee released the MV “Love returns” after many years of inactivity.

The event had the presence of MC Trac Thuy Mieu, MC Phuong Mai, actor Phi Thanh Van, musician Nguyen Van Chung…

Love is back Composed by musician Khac Viet. The song is familiar to the audience of the 8x generation, the first 9x through the singer’s recording Cao Thai Son. Job Nathan Lee filming a new MV for a song that was popular 12 years ago received many questions from the media.

Nathan Lee says any song he sings is first and foremost out of respect for musicians and their compositions. “Many people look at the noise I paid for the song but don’t see that the musicians have entrusted their brainchild to me,” the singer said.

Nathan Lee: My name was 'cheap' due to being dragged into a scandal
Trac Thuy Mieu is sexy with Nathan Lee.

I never heard the first record Love is back as well as all the articles I bought recently. Therefore, he did not rate his recording compared to the first one. Nathan Lee added: “Personally, I find that 90% of the audience thinks that my recording is better, luxurious and not fake. I don’t compare myself to anyone.”

Before the question Why did Nathan Lee insist on singing Cao Thai Son’s old hit song even though the two had a controversy while there were many other good songs?the singer said: “In fact, my name was “cheap” because of being dragged into the scandal. That person attacked me first, I just defended myself although the way I handle the situation may not be the same as everyone else’s. I’m not afraid of being compared, how lame people can see. More importantly, this is my way of paying tribute to musicians, putting their songs in the right place. Love is back as well as a lot of good songs that have been forgotten by the current generation.”

Nathan Lee added that any music product, movie… in any market in the world is usually more interested in side stories than content. “Perhaps, people like to “inhale drama” to nourish their lungs. I can afford to provide “drama” with a quality product,” the singer said.

After many years of filming the MV again, Nathan Lee was slightly shocked because the cost was more expensive than he thought. He said: “Returning to music is really… tiring. As you can see, I sing for fun, not perform. Making art doesn’t make as much money as business, I don’t have anyone to do.” rely on” and don’t need anyone. I certainly don’t spend money on meaningless work. The investment level is completely worth it for the music I’m lucky to have.”

“It all happened to me completely naturally and I simply handled it. I made the product for the audience, for myself and for the musician,” – Nathan Lee said.

Nathan Lee: My name was 'cheap' due to being dragged into a scandal
In order: Huyen Cadie, Maya Ho and Nathan Lee.

MV Love is back tells the complex story of 4 people Nathan Lee, Huyen Cadie, Maya Ho and Paulo. The intrigues and tricks that make their relationship toxic. Nathan Lee invites Huyen Cadie – the champion The cover – played the MV because of his love for talent and Maya Ho was his student from Vietnam’s Next Top Model season 1.

Nathan Lee is working on many music products at the same time. After MV Love is back paved the way, he plans to release 8 versions of the song Rainy road.

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