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Owners of VF e34 are eager for the journey of 100 electric cars to conquer the top of the country

Those are the emotions shared by VF e34 owners on the forums after the information about the caravan trip. tram VinFast’s first was announced.

Just a few hours after VinFast officially announced the journey “Together with VF e34 to conquer the top of the country” (from April 6-8, 2022) for a group of 100 VF e34 cars departing from Ha Long to the easternmost tip. North of the country – Sa Vi cape (Mong Cai, Quang Ninh), many forums immediately sprung up.

VinFast Vietnam’s fanpage is one of the most vibrant places with hundreds of likes and comments. Many guests did not hesitate to sign up for a spot for this not-to-be-missed program.

According to the program, each car owner can also invite one more relative over 18 years old to join. Therefore, many car owners are excited to call their friends’ names to invite them to join the journey to Sa Vi.

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A lot of responses on social networking forums when the news of the caravan was announced car The first electricity is about to be organized by VinFast.

“This is great, everyone. If you don’t want to hurry up, register now. I just finished filling out the form.user Van Ngoan excitedly said on the group of VinFast lovers.

On a large automotive forum, a wave of “ViVi-style” responses also appeared when many users volunteered to participate in the program according to… the command originally intended for the ViVi virtual assistant on the VF e34. “Hey VinFast – I signed up”many people expressed interest in speaking out in this way.

The excitement also comes from the “great” opportunity to challenge the VF e34 – Vietnam’s first electric car. “The program is great. Everyone thinks electric cars are suitable for the inner city, hopefully this trip will prove the tram experience on long roads or winding hills.”old readers Diem responded to an article on an online newspaper about VinFast’s event.

Another reader, with his own experience, affirms that the electric car VF e34 “suitable for mountain pass”. This person expressed regret that he could not participate in the program because he was busy with work.

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Along with the excitement, many users believe that the journey to Sa Vi will be meaningful when VinFast electric cars conquer the top of the country for the first time.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Dac Kien (Hanoi), a customer who does not own a VF e34, has found a “new direction”. “I just booked the VF 8 so I can’t register for this trip as a car owner. However, I will ask for a ride with friends and family to explore the experience on this electric vehicle.”Mr. Kien said.

VinFast VF e34 is the first electric car model of VinFast. The car belongs to the C-segment, has a modern design, impressive acceleration, smooth operation and is integrated with many intelligent features researched and developed specifically for the Vietnamese market.

VF e34 has ViVi virtual assistant technology controlled by multi-regional Vietnamese voice, allowing users to directly interact with the vehicle and control a number of features conveniently and easily.

The trip to the top of the country promises to bring many unforgettable emotions to the VinFast customer community. In addition to the emotional excitement, the Ha Long – Sa Vi journey with 100 VF e34 electric cars can be considered as an expected challenge for the performance of the model that has just won the award “Small size CUV”. C is the most popular” and “Green Car of the Year” (organized by Otofun and Otosaigon forums).

According to the program, on the morning of April 7, 2022, a group of 100 VF e34 cars will gather in the center of Ha Long city (Quang Ninh province) to start the trip to conquer the northernmost point of the Northeast of the country – Cape Sa Vi (City of Mong Cai).

Besides experiencing the VF e34 and the roads, VF e34 car owners will also have the opportunity to participate in meaningful exchange activities during the journey. The entire cost of accommodation and accommodation during the trip is sponsored by VinFast.

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