Quang Hai is styled by his niece

Quang Hai got his niece cut his hair

Midfielder’s sister-in-law Quang Hai Recently shared on social networks Quang Hai’s peaceful moment when visiting family. He sat quietly on the floor, his head slightly lowered so that his niece held the toy scissors to make the gesture of cutting his hair. Baby Shi is attentive to the task of styling his hair. Her mother shared the reason for filming this video: “I’m too busy to cut my hair, let Shi cut it for me”.

Hai “baby” is now quite enjoying the care of her baby. He coordinated to lower his head and spread his hand to catch the hair that was trimmed by Shi. Quang Hai’s face is always smiling and gentle. The gentleness and absolute pampering that Quang Hai has for his niece makes fans’ hearts flutter. Everyone complimented the two lovely grandchildren.

Quang Hai was styled by his niece - Photo 2.
Quang Hai was styled by his niece - Photo 3.

Quang Hai spends time playing with his granddaughter when he comes home (Photo: LinhLee)

Quang Hai returned home to visit his family after half a month of being away to focus with Vietnam to complete the final leg of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. After resting with relatives, Quang Hai will practice with Hanoi Club prepare for the second round match of V.League 2022 against Viettel Club on April 4.

This will be Quang Hai’s last match before saying goodbye to Hanoi FC. After intense negotiations, Quang Hai and Hanoi FC came to a decision not to renew the contract. On April 12, 2022, on Quang Hai’s birthday, he will become a free agent. The destination that Quang Hai is aiming for is a team in Europe.

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