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Quietly changing a habit of the Dai Tang court mandarin

Duong Thai Tong Ly The Dan is considered the outstanding emperor among more than 400 emperors of the Chinese feudal dynasties. During his time in office, he implemented many nationalist policies. Many peoples in the northwest have worshiped him as benevolent and gentle.

However, Ly The Dan is also famous for being cruel and cruel. The transformation of Huyen Vu Mon was the cause for posterity to argue about the benevolence of this Emperor when he killed his brother and forced his father to abdicate so that he could take the throne.


Let’s relive a very famous event in the history of the Tang Dynasty – “Tai Tong released the prisoner” (Tai Tong released the prisoner).

In “Tu Chi Tongjian” it is recorded: One year, Duong Thai Tong suddenly did not know the reason because he ordered all the death row inmates released in prison, allowing them to go home for a year, next fall. return to incarnation. The prisoners were deeply moved, actually went home to visit their families and returned a year later, no one escaped.

This story makes many people think that Ly The Dan is a virtuous person who can touch death row inmates. But if you think carefully, the truth is not so simple.

Not only the posterity was skeptical, but even the ancients were equally skeptical. During the Song Dynasty, there was a famous figure who raised questions about this issue, which was Au Duong Tu. He used his heart to write the book “Tung prison essay” to clarify his doubts.


The point of view in the book is clear: Observing the creed needs to consider the type of person. Only the gentleman can keep the faith, but with the petty people, of course, they cannot understand what the word is. These prisoners who have been sentenced to death must have committed unforgivable and unforgivable things before. Faced with death, a gentleman doesn’t even care about credibility, let alone those who have done this bad thing.

From that, it can be said that the fact that 390 death row inmates all returned to the prison at the scheduled time really surprised others.

Therefore, Au Duong Tu made a judgment, saying that Ly The Dan had carefully calculated before ordering the release of criminals, it can also be considered that he made a bet.

The king’s words are heavier than heaven. That’s why, Ly The Dan was sure that all the prisoners returned, so he dared to let them go, otherwise, after the expiration of 1 year, if no one comes back, the face of an Emperor will be seen. lost everything, became a laughing stock for the world.

So how can we guarantee that all prisoners will return? The best solution is that Ly The Dan let the inmates guess that their return will receive some great reward.


This is also a bet. What Ly The Dan bet is not whether the death row inmate will be tamed, but whether the inmate can guess his thoughts or not.

Au Duong Tu made a point: The Tang dynasty’s system of prison officers and criminals was very developed and strict. A person who has committed a crime, even if he goes up the mountain to the sea, hides from the east and hides in the west, he cannot escape. The most important thing is that the prisoner can involve the whole family, if the criminal runs away, the family can’t escape, even more no one dares to cover the prisoner.

Therefore, the main reason why death row inmates do not dare to run away is…. Even if you run, you can’t escape!

A deep reason why Ly The Dan put up this bet was related to an official Dai Tu (a law enforcement agency specializing in investigating cases and dealing with crimes at that time) during the Ly dynasty. The Dan was in office, Truong Uan Co.

Truong Uan Co is a person with a compassionate heart. Ly Hao Duc, who lives in Tuong Chau, because he spoke nonsense to harm the supreme emperor, he should have been jailed, but Truong Uan Co saw his pity, so he said he was mentally ill. Thai Tong Street amnesty. When Ly The Dan found out, he got angry and killed Truong Uan Co.


This incident has startled the magistrates to wake up, correct their order, severely punish criminals, if they dare to be reckless, they will have to suffer the consequences. Because the magistrates dealt with the law more severely, the number of death row prisoners in the Tang Dynasty increased rapidly. As Emperor, Ly The Dan couldn’t let this situation drag on, so he passed a directive asking for the death penalty to be very cautious. But the vast Dai Duong, strict punishment has become a habit in the official place, not just with a piece of paper but easily changed.

Therefore, Ly The Dan devised a plan to “release death row inmates home” to hit the mentality of military officers across the country, that should take virtue as a premise, adjust the way of judgment and sentencing in a good direction and more ethical.

It can be said that Ly The Dan was extremely wise. His thinking is far-reaching and profound to the extent that it is beyond human imagination, worthy of the title of “the most ancient emperor”.

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