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Rare bird flu outbreak in France

The spread of HPAI has alarmed French authorities and the country’s poultry industry due to the devastation it can cause to livestock, potential trade restrictions and the risk of disease transmission to humans.

Type bird flu virus This species, which is descended from wild birds that migrate in the fall, has hit every country in the 27-member European Union, with the exception of Malta and Cyprus, with Italy being the hardest hit. Data from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) show that outbreaks usually occur in the spring and are almost over by the end of March.

After the first outbreak of bird flu, with about 4 million birds culled in the southwest, France has faced a serious outbreak that is believed to have been caused by wild birds carrying the virus on their return flight. .

The H5N1 virus has spread rapidly in the Pays de la Loire region since March and hit Brittany in mid-March, further to the Atlantic coast. France’s largest poultry producers have farms in these two regions.

A rare bird flu epidemic broke out strongly in France - Photo 1.

12.1 million birds were culled in France during this bird flu outbreak. (Photo: Reuters)

By March 31, 12.1 million poultry had been culled in France since the first outbreak on November 26, making it a serious bird flu crisis, the French Ministry of Agriculture said. most important ever in this country. About 1,112 outbreaks have been recorded in the country.

The US is also facing its worst bird flu crisis since 2015 when nearly 50 million birds were culled.

The crisis comes as farmers are faced with soaring feed prices related to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, a major grain exporter. Grains are the main ingredients used in poultry feed.

France’s LDC, the EU’s largest poultry producer, said: “This situation is very dangerous for farmers and will lead to reduced slaughter operations or even temporary closure of some livestock facilities.”.

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