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Recreate the scene of Beverly Hills at NovaWorld Phan Thiet

Perspective image of boutique shophouse Star Avenue at NovaWorld Phan Thiet.

The Star Avenue Boutique shophouse collection is a limited edition product line inspired by Beverly Hills, possessing the rare advantage of being located right on the expensive Walk of Fame at the connecting hub of Super City. coastal city, attracting a lot of attention from investors.

Beverly Hills style international commercial shopping boulevard

Beverly Hills has long been considered a symbol of America’s wealth and class, always the perfect destination for the elite and home to many famous Hollywood stars such as David-Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise , Madonna, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera…

And now, right at NovaWorld Phan Thiet Beach, a limited edition boutique shophouse collection Star Avenue, fully recreating a luxurious and elegant Beverly Hills.

Mr. Hoang Hai, an investor commented, “The boutique shophouses of Star Avenue have beautiful design, large area and diversity, with the current investor-construction segment, buying for sale or living is appropriate. The facilities are quite diverse, with a full swimming pool, gym, entertainment area, … and when the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway is completed, the travel time is greatly shortened, this increases the potential for project.

Boutique shophouse Star Avenue has the look of Beverly Hills when it has charming architecture with sloping hillside terrain, accented by delicate domes, planned right on the expensive 44m wide Walk of Fame. This is a central location, easy to connect to all international amenities in the Super City of the Sea such as a cluster of hotels and high-class entertainment area FEC (Family Entertainment Center), exclusive PGA golf courses 36 Ho, Nova Medi, Wellness Center, Miami Bikini Beach marine park, Sport Complex multi-purpose sports center or NovaDreams Adventure World 25ha themed theme park…

Recreate the scene of Beverly Hills at NovaWorld Phan Thiet - Photo 1.

The project has hundreds of international standard facilities, promising to be an attractive destination for tourists

With the central location of the connecting hub of the Super City by the sea, boutique shophouse Star Avenue is designed to become an international shopping, trade and service center, converging famous and famous brands. This place promises to welcome millions of visitors every year and is a “check-in” place that is hard for the elite to ignore.

Investment potential

In the trend of resort tourism to the throne, tourists focus on enjoying life, the shophouse of an “all in one” complex like NovaWorld Phan Thiet promises to welcome a large number of visitors when it is put into operation. Commercial townhouses in particular and this project in general are expected to become the destination of the area in the next few years.

In addition to investing in planning to ensure that the shophouse chain can access potential customers with stable traffic, the Novaland project developer also focuses on designing a variety of types and areas with different prices. Investors will have many options to suit their financial ability as well as their intended use.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet project with a scale of 1,000 hectares, an investment of 5 billion USD, fully converges world-class facilities from entertainment, shopping, medical services – sports – meetings, more than 20 guests. hotels, resorts … satisfying all needs of short-term – long-term resort tourism, MICE tourism, Wellness health care tourism … is expected to be a new international destination. When the NovaWorld Phan Thiet project comes into operation, the business potential of the boutique shophouse Star Avenue will be extremely attractive with a huge number of customers flocking to visit and shop.

Recreate the scene of Beverly Hills at NovaWorld Phan Thiet - Photo 2.

Boutique shophouse Star Avenue recreates the most luxurious shopping street in Beverly Hills

“After two years of epidemic, the demand for resort tourism and shopping of domestic and international tourists will increase. Especially, when Vietnam officially resumed international flights in March, I believe The value of the real estate I have invested in will continue to increase steadily,” said Loan, an investor.

Pham Trung, another investor, said that seeing the potential of the project in the future, he bought a resort villa at NovaWorld Phan Thiet. During a recent visit to NovaWorld Phan Thiet by helicopter, Mr. Trung was really surprised by the construction speed of the project, so he is looking for a boutique shophouse.

Recreate the scene of Beverly Hills at NovaWorld Phan Thiet - Photo 3.

Sea shophouse at NovaWorld Phan Thiet is welcomed by many investors

NovaWorld Phan Thiet is expected to be an international tourist destination when put into operation because of its monumental scale and world-class services. In addition, transport infrastructure such as the Phan Thiet – Dau Giay expressway expected to be completed in September 2022 or the gradually forming Phan Thiet airport is also a driving force that makes the value of the project soar in the future. future.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet currently applies many attractive investment guarantee programs exclusively for shophouse product lines. With 15% of the initial capital flow, customers can own a shophouse and receive 3 nos: No principal – no interest – no closing fees. Commit to sublease up to 2 billion/year within 3 years. Corporate customers enjoy an additional 2% discount with many attractive policies.

Interested readers can learn more at the website or contact hotline 0938221226.

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