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Should buy super cheap additives to save gas?

According to the ad, with a bottle of about 200,000 VND liquid poured directly into the fuel tank, it will help clean the engine and fuel injection system, thereby saving fuel significantly.

Recently, I see a lot of websites advertising some kind of solution containing additives that clean parts of the engine, combustion chamber and fuel injection system, thereby helping to energy saving significantly. The price of each vial of this solution ranges from 100-250 thousand VND depending on the brand and origin.

Should buy super cheap additives to save gas?
The bottle of solution contains additives capable of cleaning the engine, helping the car save fuel? (Illustrated image)

According to the ad, just pour 1 bottle of solution into the fuel tank according to the ratio, it will work after a few days of driving, can be applied to both gasoline and diesel cars. I think, if really these additives are as advertised, it’s very good and helps car Smooth operation, less maintenance, but also save a lot of money on fuel.

However, I still wonder if the effect is the same as advertised and is harmful to the engine parts or not? Looking forward to hearing from experts and people who have used these products. Thank you!

Readers Thanh Binh(Ha Dong, Hanoi)

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