The person who caused the fire in Phu Do could face many crimes

This girl’s behavior is especially serious, infringing on many objects that are protected by law, including human life, health and citizens’ legal property rights.

On the morning of April 1, the Nam Tu Liem District Police (Hanoi) said that the unit had arrested a female suspect to investigate the case. fire happened at lane 60, Phu Do street.

According to police, after hours of struggle, the suspect admitted to setting fire to the house.

The process of committing the crime of the suspect was also recorded by the security camera. Accordingly, around 6:50 pm on March 31, this woman entered the first floor where the motorbike was parked.

A woman burns a motorbike, suspected to be a deadly fire in Phu Do

After that, the suspect repeatedly lit a fire with a match and threw it into a motorbike. After about 4-5 times, the fire broke out fiercely, and the suspect ran out.

The house where the fire broke out has 6 floors, 1 tum, and a floor area of ​​about 170 m2. The fire area occurred in the parking space on the first floor of the house. After about 30 minutes, the fire was brought under control. Authorities rescued 12 people in the house. However, the fire caused 5 injuries and 1 death.

The woman who burned the motel, causing 6 casualties, could face many crimes

Talking with us, Doctor, lawyer Dang Van Cuong, Law Office of Chinh Phap, affirmed: “This is a serious fire that left 1 person dead, many people injured and severely damaged property. The cause was initially determined to be caused by a woman.”

With image information extracted from the camera, testimonies of witnesses, traces left by the scene examination and other evidences, the investigating agency has determined that the suspect who caused the fire is a woman. young female. The police arrested this person.

The woman’s behavior is especially serious, infringing on many objects that the law protects, including human life, health and the lawful ownership of property of citizens.

The investigative agency will clarify whether the person who has just been arrested is the woman in the clip extracted from the surveillance camera of this hostel or not? What is the motive and purpose of this person’s conduct and determine how the consequences have been caused to human life, health and property of organizations and individuals to solve the case.

The female suspect who set fire to a motel in Phu Do could face many crimes-1
Suspect was arrested in the night

The investigative agency will conduct criminal detention of this woman and other related people, if any, to take statements and have time to assess injuries and assess property to determine the damage as a basis. initiate a criminal case.

In the event that the verification results show that this woman does not have a mental illness or another disease that causes loss of consciousness, the act of burning the car is due to a personal enmity, then this woman may be prosecuted. criminal prosecution for many crimes; Including the crime of destroying property, unintentionally causing death or murder depending on the purpose and perception of this woman towards the incident.

With objective evidence showing the act of burning motorbikes on the first floor of the hostel, the level of awareness and control of the behavior of the person who committed the act and the consequences of property damage, the regulatory agency The investigator may initiate a criminal case for destruction or willful damage asset according to Article 178 of the 2015 Penal Code, amended and supplemented in 2017.

Thus, depending on the extent of property damage and a number of other circumstances, this woman may face different penalty frames, in case of property damage of 500,000,000 VND or more, this woman will face the maximum penalty of imprisonment from 10 to 20 years as prescribed in Clause 4, Article 178 of the Penal Code.

How should the woman be compensated?

In addition, this woman is responsible for compensating for all property damage and other damage caused to the victims in accordance with the law.

In this case, the damage is not only property but also loss of life and health of many people. Therefore, the investigative agency will clarify how the damage to life and health of the victim took place, how much awareness controls this woman’s behavior.

Where there are grounds to show that this woman was aware that her behavior could lead to death but wished or left the fatal consequences to occur; Knowing that acts may endanger the lives of others but still intentionally commit acts of destruction of property leading to deadly consequences, they can be criminally prosecuted for murder according to Article 123 of the Penal Code with: The framed plot is killing two or more people and for a despicable motive.

The female suspect who set fire to the motel in Phu Do could face many crimes-2
The security camera image recorded the process of committing the crime, this person got on a motorbike and left

With many circumstances framing the aggravation of criminal responsibility, this woman faces the highest penalty frame of imprisonment from 12 to 20 years. Life imprisonment or death penalty.

In case the investigation results show that this woman is not aware that her behavior may lead to death, there is no purpose of killing, the event that damages the life and health of others is outside the scope of the investigation. Subjectively, this woman will be criminally handled for the crime of unintentionally causing death according to the provisions of Article 128 of the Penal Code with the maximum penalty frame of up to 10 years in prison if the consequences cause many deaths. people.

Therefore, with acts that cause damage to the life and health of others, the investigating agency carefully clarified the woman’s motive, purpose, level of awareness, and ability to control her behavior. , clarify the purpose of the act and other factors to clarify the relationship between cause and effect to determine the crime, as a basis for the court to decide the appropriate punishment.

The behavior of the subject in the clip is very bold, reckless and unusual, so if the verification process shows that there are signs that this woman is not normal, a psychiatric assessment must be carried out to determine. cognitive ability to control behavior.

Where this woman is sick mental or other diseases that cause loss of cognitive ability and behavior control ability, they will not be criminally handled and apply compulsory medical treatment.

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