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There’s no need to lie, the brand that Lisa is an ambassador for was once shamelessly “fictional”

High-end brands with business philosophies that sound real, shiny and flashy are easy to dazzle the fans with a series of honorable achievements. However, in reality, the dark corners of these fashion houses may be more shocking than their own achievements.

On June 1, 2020, Celine (a fashion brand with Lisa as an ambassador), eloquently announced on Instagram that they “against all forms of discrimination, oppression and racism”.

“Tomorrow’s world wouldn’t exist without equality for all”, start with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter”Brand boldly share.

There is no need to lie, the brand that Lisa is an ambassador for was once shamelessly fictitious - Photo 2.

Famous stylist Jason Bolden – who manages costumes for countless big stars from Cynthia Errivo to Yara Shahidi, has decided not to be silent and accept the “fabric” appearance of this brand.

He criticized the brand for being racist, witnessed by Jason himself. Male stylist wrote: “Wait, really, you guys don’t loan anything to black artists unless they have a white stylist. THAT TRUTH.”

The Instagram account of “Fashion Watchdog” Diet Prada, which has 1.8 million followers, retweeted Jason’s post to many of their readers. This account writes: “Popular stylist Jason Bolden has criticized the Celine brand for its #BlackLivesMatter solidarity.”

Diet Prada also pointed to Celine’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, saying that he has an aversion to black models as well. They even crunched the numbers, looking at how many black models have had the opportunity to appear in Celine’s shows since the Spring 2019 collection (the highest percentage of appearances since then). only 12%).

“All truth is in front of our eyes”Jason told Los Angeles. “They don’t respect the diversity of skin color, and when they lean towards people of color only if those actresses have white stylists”.

“I can’t borrow anything from Celine for my black client. One time, my complaint was responded to by Celine like, ‘Okay, we’ll take a look’ and then they flatly refused.”stylist is angry.

No need to lie, the brand that Lisa is an ambassador for was once shamelessly fictional - Photo 4.

Jason said he was shocked when he saw the brand’s Instagram post calling for racial equality, writing: “Just because this is something that is of interest to society, you decided to speak like this? To black people, this is really despicable behavior.” When contacted for feedback, the Celine brand rep replied with a simple sentence:“No comment”.

According to Jason, the brand has not always shown its discomfort when lending black actresses costumes, or sending black models on the runway. Jason said that under creative director Phoebe Philo, Celine is the brand to consider in terms of skin color diversity.

Finally, the male stylist shared more: “What I mean is: just be honest! Their lies are at the heart of racism. This is when you live your privilege. In short, this is it. part of systemic racism, repeatedly showing the ‘we don’t take you seriously’ view. Celine has been empowered to operate in such a way.”

Source: Diet Prada, Page Six, Iamag 20220401144714621.chn

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