This year’s E3 event is officially canceled

According to the latest Twitter post by Will Powers, Razer’s PR manager, he received an official email informing that this year’s E3 event will be cancelled. Game news site IGN also confirmed this information.

The E3 video game show was originally slated to go live this year. However, in January, the E3 event was moved from in-person to online, due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Now, even this event is not being held online and will be canceled altogether.

This year's E3 event is officially canceled - Photo 1.

One of the main reasons for the cancellation of E3 event, besides the Covid-19 epidemic, is that game publishers are withdrawing from E3 to organize their own online events. Like Nintendo’s Direct, EA Play Live, and Sony’s State of Play events.

According to the share of ESA, the organizer of the E3 event, said that this game event will return in 2023, with many new changes. However, many are still concerned for the fate of one of this year’s biggest gaming events. If there are no major game studios involved plus the epidemic, the E3 event may once again be canceled.

Reference: theverge

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