Washington has the idea of ​​​​forming an alliance with Japan and South Korea to ‘crush’ China

This week, according to a South Korean news portal, the US government proposed forming an alliance with Asian allies with the goal of containing the nascent semiconductor industry of mainland China. These countries and regions include Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

The proposal was not “fully accepted” by Seoul, as South Korean chip giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have invested billions of dollars in key manufacturing facilities in China. They fear Beijing will retaliate if such a coalition is formed, BusinessKorea reported. Washington and Seoul were not immediately available for comment or provided further details on when or where the proposal was made.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a global chip shortage, Washington has been looking for ways to reduce its supply chain dependence on China. In September 2020, under the Trump administration, officials from the US, Taiwan, Japan and the European Union floated the idea of ​​forming a “like-minded” alliance to decouple the supply chain from Chinese mainland.

US-China technology war: Washington came up with the idea of ​​​​forming an alliance with Japan and South Korea to

The latest report on a potential chip-making alliance comes as the Biden administration is pushing a bill to fund a bill that grants $52 billion to the domestic semiconductor research and manufacturing sector in an attempt to counter the influence of the United States. increasing in China. The US Senate passed the Technology Competition Act this week, setting the stage for the House to pass it one last time.

The idea of ​​a US-led semiconductor alliance that does not include China has caused mixed reactions on the social media of the country of billions of people. Some Chinese netizens argue that such a move will only spur Beijing to redouble its efforts and achieve technological self-sufficiency. Meanwhile, others argue that such an alliance is unlikely to be formed because China’s market is so large that South Korean and Taiwanese chip companies must “be wary”. day-suong-nhu-in-the-batman-20220330212256057.chn

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