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When does the Hanoi National University of Education’s ability assessment exam take place?

In 2022, besides the enrollment method Universities have applied from previous years such as: Direct admission; use the results of the high school graduation exam and organize the examination of gifted subjects to consider admission to the branches that have the entrance exam for the gifted subjects; priority plus points; Direct admission for candidates who write essays with good results, Hanoi National University of Pedagogy has added a new enrollment method (method 5), which is based on the results of the aptitude test combined with the results. high school study.

This exam is organized to diversify enrollment methods, increase the chances of being admitted to Hanoi National University of Education and better classify candidates’ abilities to select suitable new students. with each discipline.

Accordingly, candidates choose and perform one or several tests (Math, Literature, Foreign Languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography) using the test results to Register for admission into the school’s disciplines.

Along with the written exam to assess the ability, candidates must meet the conditions of conduct for all semesters at the high school level from Good and above and the average score of 5 semesters (1st, 2nd semesters). 10th, 11th and 12th graders) 6.5 or higher (no semester less than 6.5).

Hanoi National University of Education has organized the construction of a structure and matrix of exam questions so that the tests can assess specific competencies to enroll students in a specific discipline or training group of the school.

Candidates take the test directly on paper with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes for each subject. The exam has a combination of multiple-choice and essay with an appropriate score rate depending on the exam subject, including questions that test reasoning ability, analytical ability, evaluation and creativity.

After organizing a trial exam and collecting comments and suggestions from experienced experts, lecturers and teachers, Hanoi National University of Education has adjusted, completed and soon announced the participating exam questions. Refer to the school’s admission portal at:

Each subject will be considered for admission based on results aptitude test 2 subjects (multiplied coefficients and added priority points, if any). The branches with the aptitude test will be considered according to the total aptitude test score combined with the competency assessment test score (multiplied coefficients and plus priority points, if any).

Therefore, candidates need to carefully study the exam subjects that need to get the exam results to register for admission to the desired training majors, check the exam times of the subjects and register for the exam subjects through the registration portal. enrollment at the address: to avoid the duplicate exam schedule.

Candidates wishing to take the competency assessment exam for admission to Hanoi National University of Education can register up to 2 wishes. For candidates who have 2 admission wishes, the school considers 1st choice first, if the 1st one is not accepted, the 2nd choice will be considered as the first one.

Selection results according to mode 5 will be announced soon, expected on May 31, 2022. If you have not been accepted by this method, candidates still have the opportunity to apply for 4 traditional enrollment methods of Hanoi National University of Education.

Thus, 12th grade students do not need to worry too much when registering and reviewing and preparing for the school’s ability assessment test. Competence assessment exams and new enrollment methods actually increase the chances of candidates being admitted to majors at Hanoi National University of Education in line with their own aspirations.

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