5 signs that he lacks sex

These signs indicate that he is not satisfied in the bedroom.

Everyone must confirm that sex plays a very important role in marriage. The lack of that story also leads to no small consequences such as adulterythe couple’s feelings are cold.

Men don’t do “sex” for a long time, often because the husband and wife are angry, live apart or the wife is pregnant. Here are signs that he is lacking in sex. Wife, please adjust a little to make the room more fulfilling day by day!

Loving my wife more than usual

Most men tend to indulge their wives more than usual to get their wives to satisfy their sexual needs. At this time, he will listen to you more, help you with housework, take care of children and give his wife a massage. He thought that if he made his wife happy, he would be “happy”.

5 signs he lacks sex, his wife is a little observant right away!-1

Or scowl, angry

If lately, you’ve noticed that he’s been scowling, sulking, and getting angry, you might want to rethink your sex life. Not doing it makes a man think he is unloved.

Therefore, he is more easily annoyed and irritable than usual. Especially if he used to be happy before, but now he is often irritable and annoyed, please review the couple’s bedroom!

Crazy when making love

Men who have not been “in love” for a long time will cause their desires to be suppressed too much, so they are easy to pounce and be passionate when “making love”. This condition is caused by a sharp increase in testosterone levels, which leads to a sudden increase in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

5 signs he lacks sex, his wife is a little observant right away!-2

Working without concentration

You may not know that the lack of sex makes him feel uncomfortable, leading to unfocused work.

If you feel that he hasn’t focused on work lately or his work results are not good, you can think of this cause.

The status “haven’t gone to the market to run out of money”

“If you haven’t gone to the market, you’ve run out of money” is also a condition that signals a decline in sex. Normally, men can last 10-15 minutes “love”. If he has not been “loved” for a long time, he can easily slip down in love.

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