5 taboos on Han Thuc New Year that everyone must know

In order for the Lunar New Year to be complete and auspicious, remember to abstain from the following things.

Refrain from fire

Previously, on Cold Food FestivalThe most important taboo is not to catch fire. This originated during the actual Korean New Year holiday in China.

During the day, people do not light a fire to cook hot food, but need to prepare cold food to be exactly the same as Tet with cold food.

Currently, the actual Han New Year day no longer abstains from fire and uses floating cakes and vegetarian cakes to offer incense and burn incense with the meaning that it is cold food.

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Abstain from eating salty foods and killing animals

During Han Thuc New Year, vegetarian, non-salty dishes are more recommended. The reason for abstaining from killing is to help the soul of the deceased to easily escape.

Some families cannot afford to be vegetarian, so on this day they also abstain from killing in the house. Do so to show respect to the deceased.

Abstain from disputes and quarrels

Disputes and quarrels between family members should be avoided if avoided. Especially during the Lunar New Year, it is a big taboo.

If there is a problem, everyone should sit down to discuss and find a way to reconcile, to avoid friction.

In particular, people should avoid using unlucky words that will make the family atmosphere heavy.

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Abstain from offering floating cakes and vegetarian cakes with five colors

Recently, many families prefer five-color floating cakes because they are eye-catching. Especially families with young children often choose five-color floating cakes to make them happy.

However, the colorful floating cakes are only suitable for eating and for worshiping on the ancestral altar, only white floating cakes should be offered.

The white color of floating cake shows purity and elegance and also shows the respect of the descendants to the deceased on Han Thuc New Year’s Day.

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Abstain from worshiping the family

The custom in the real Korean New Year is that cold food, offerings to the deceased need frugality, not too expensive.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the celebration of the feast and the full feast, but only a simple ceremony, sincere worship, and a good omen.

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