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7 reasons why women can’t reach orgasm, it hurts even more

Sexual health expert Kate Moyle (UK) says that orgasm is not necessarily the goal in every “love relationship”. He told the newspaper Metro: “Even after having fun with the “other half”, a lot of women still think that lack of orgasm is a flaw they should have. We have to fix that. This point of view is because it’s unhelpful and takes away a lot of your own pleasurable experience.”

According to expert Kate Moyle, there are some common reasons why it’s hard for women to “climax”:

Too much pressure

Kate points to the fact, the more you try to have an orgasm, the more likely you are not to get it. Trying to focus on your goals instead of enjoying the pleasures of sex can cause anxiety and prevent orgasm. Instead, focus your mind on what makes you feel good and happy, and listen to your senses and how you feel.

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Too much pressure prevents you from giving your full attention to love.

Wrong sex education

Historically, sex education has been wrongly equated sex with procreation rather than seeking true pleasure. Therefore, women do not dare to give themselves the opportunity to find pleasure for themselves. “When we start a conversation about sexual happiness, we encourage people to explore more. That way, they feel like they’ve got what they need – permission – to get through it,” says the expert. get rid of the old view”.

According to the consultant, women should learn about the topic of gender and sexuality on their own without limiting themselves to a certain age. It’s never too late to learn more about sex and enjoy it.

Are you shy?

Shyness causes a huge obstacle in a woman’s sex life. Basically, it plays a role in making you feel that chasing after orgasm is bad or that having sex is wrong, and that you don’t deserve that pleasure.

These negative reactions can come in many forms, but are often a barrier to finding true satisfaction even when you have “climaxed” and are no longer excited about the experience. Therefore, expert Kate Moyle advises women to think carefully about the sexual messages they receive and see how it affects their views. You can read books, listen to podcasts to expand your mind.

Some medicine

Some medications, such as antidepressants, have the side effect of affecting “climax” pleasure in sex. Drugs can also cause frustration, negative feelings about sex, or discomfort when talking to a partner.

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Drugs that affect sex quality

If you can’t avoid drugs, try to find out what makes you feel positive during sex, or find a more suitable alternative. Consult your doctor for specific instructions.

Not enough stimulation

Looks like you’re not the only one experiencing this feeling. Many people fall into a “float” state in love relationships. “Finding the right stimulation for you is an important part of achieving orgasm. In addition, the addition of lubricants, the right sex toys… also help bring about emotional changes. Don’t let the same thing happen all the time,” said the expert.

Body changes

Hormonal changes due to age can be one of the causes of your difficulty reaching climax. For example, as women age, sex hormone production slows, and estrogen levels drop, which can affect sex life. In addition, pelvic floor muscle tone also plays an important role in helping you achieve orgasm. So if you are stronger, firmer, your chances of “climaxing” will be higher.

Past physical and mental trauma

Injuries that may affect your current sex life, for example, you have experienced pain during sex “in the past, you have had vaginitis, vulvovaginal hernia, peyronies, urological urethritis…

Emotional trauma can also affect your ability to fully enjoy sex. Psychological stress due to past sexual problems also makes you fall into a state of alertness, fear rather than stimulation. Therefore, in this situation, it is best to talk to a doctor for advice.

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