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Advice from a gynecologist

Covid-19 defeats gentleman’s bravery

Recently, a young husband from Binh Duong went to a male doctor for a check-up and couldn’t hide the sad expression on his face because he was at a healthy age when he had a hard time talking. The patient is Mr. Nguyen Trong T. 35 years old, who came to the clinic because his “little boy” was weak.

Sharing with the doctor, Mr. T. said that before, his sex life was quite strong, but after being infected with Covid-19, his performance suddenly decreased. Mr. T. thought it would take a few weeks to heal. But so far, the erection condition has become more severe, the love affair is constantly interrupted, which makes him more stressed and decides to go to the doctor.

Examining Mr. T. is a Master, male doctor Doan Anh Sang in Ho Chi Minh City. Master Sang said that cases like Mr. T. are not uncommon. Strong sex after recovery Covid-19 often complain of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Sang said that in the previous stage, when there was no vaccine, men were even more affected. Covid-19 affects not only the respiratory organs but also many organs and including the reproductive organs in men, but few people notice. When there is a vaccine, Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system more lightly, only then people will notice the impact on the male reproductive organs. Many patients with Covid-19 have symptoms of pain in the scrotum, itching in the penis.

In Mr. T’s case, after examining and performing basic tests, the doctor found that Mr. T’s indexes decreased slightly compared to the reference standard. Normally, an adult male has a testosterone level of about 18 nmol/L. This concentration is said to be decreased when < 15 nmol/L and is usually symptomatic when < 12 nmol/L.

Gentlemen's performance declines after Covid-19: Advice from a male doctor - Photo 1.

Many men suffer from post-Covid erectile dysfunction.

The doctor advised Mr. T to change his lifestyle positively, not staying up late, eating and sleeping in moderation, not abusing stimulants, alcohol, etc. In addition, the diet needs to ensure enough groups of substances (especially meat, fish, omega-3 oil), green vegetables and fiber, limit greasy foods, fast food to control weight. Weight training and sprinting are also considered ways to boost the body’s production of testosterone faster.

After nearly 2 weeks of taking medicine, exercising and changing his lifestyle at home, Mr. T. has gradually regained his form in sex and married life is also salty again. Called “confiding” to the doctor, he was as happy as he had just achieved a great feat.

3 reasons why ‘little guy’ is weak

Dr Sang said scientific studies show that Covid-19 affects the testicles, which produce testosterone (male sex hormone), thereby reducing testosterone and making men’s sex work “weak”. Go. In addition, when infected with a virus, the body will cause inflammation, leading to the formation of small blood clots and damage to the lining of blood vessels. That reduces blood flow in the arteries, preventing the erection of the penis.

Currently, there are 3 main reasons why after Covid-19 make men feel weak when “having sex”.

First, When infected with Covid-19, men will feel tired. When the body is tired, it is no longer emotional to think about “sex”. Fatigue can be caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory organs, making breathing more difficult, and blood oxygen is also reduced. Isolation when suffering from Covid-19 also affects men’s physical strength when they are limited in movement, isolated only in a small room.

Second, The SARS-CoV-2 virus attacks tissues that contain cells that produce testosterone. When attacked, testosterone can be severely depleted. This affects his ability to get an erection.

Tuesday, The SASR-CoV-2 virus affects the vascular system, making the blood circulation to the penis slower, the blood vessels in the penis are also somewhat affected, so you will find it harder to get an erection than before. .

Dr. Sang said that although the post-Covid-19 case that affects gentlemen’s bravery is not common, men should also be monitored. If after being infected with Covid-19 but still having sex, you can go to a gynecologist to find out the cause of the disease or post-Covid-19 effects.


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