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Between the ‘matrix’ of university admission methods, how do candidates choose?

Up to now, many universities and colleges have officially announced enrollment schemes, which contain methods and targets for each discipline with each specific method. According to statistics, currently there are about 20 different admission methods depending on each school and each discipline.

Between the 'matrix' of university admission methods, how do candidates choose?  - first

Students of grade 12 at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted (Photo: Vu Huong)

Right from this moment, many students have begun to calculate for themselves a suitable option such as submitting an application for admission, taking the National University’s ability assessment exam to use the submitted results. in the industries you want.

Ho Le Huy, a 12th grader at Vo Thi Sau High School (Binh Thanh District) said that this year, she plans to put her first wish in the Logistics industry of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. In order to be sure of the admission rate to the field of study he wanted, Huy also took advantage of the selection methods such as: Competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, using the results of the high school graduation exam and the IELTS certificate. . In addition, Huy also carefully calculated the aspirations of lower majors to have more chances of being admitted to university.

“I also chose for myself the industry I liked, without being too confused. Of course, I still have my own direction because the first major I chose has a high standard, so I study a lot, when choosing a major, I also consider one as accounting and the other as IT.” Huy shared.

According to Ms. Hoang Thi Thoa, Deputy Director of the Center Admissions Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, candidates can now apply for admission to many schools and disciplines at the same time, but can only study at one school. In addition, many candidates, even though they are considered for admission by previous methods such as academic records and ability assessment tests, are still waiting for an opportunity from the method of reviewing high school graduation exam scores… However, they need to learn carefully only selection criteria of each method.

Between the 'matrix' of university admission methods, how do candidates choose?  - 2

Grade 12 students participate in the competency assessment exam of the Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City in 2022 for university admission. (Photo: Vu Huong)

For example, this year’s University of Food Industry, there are 4 admission methods in which, the criteria in the two methods are the academic records and the high school graduation exam scores are the same (40% of each method), So the chances are the same in both methods. Therefore, students should take advantage of all methods to apply for admission, increasing their chances for the desired majors right from the first round. However, it is not because of that that candidates register for a method with the same process. many different aspirations and groups of industries because it will be wasteful and difficult to choose exactly with their own capacity.

“The most important thing for children is to find out for themselves about their passions, interests, abilities and family’s financial ability to make the best choice.” Ms. Thoa added.

According to Mr. Trinh Huu Chung, Vice President of Gia Dinh University, although there are about 20 enrollment methods, most of them have training programs, training time and degrees after graduation such as: together.

As at Gia Dinh University, this year only 3 methods of admission are considered: academic records, national high school scores and competency assessment scores (HCMC National University), study program, study time and tuition fees are the same. together. Therefore, candidates need to find out all the methods that the university is interested in to see the ability and requirements to choose. Currently, all schools have a method of admission to academic records, which is also a method with a high chance of being admitted, so if possible, candidates should also take advantage, learn carefully to apply, increase their chances. elect.

“In order to be admitted right from the first round, candidates need to carefully follow the regulations of each method, the previous year’s benchmarks and submit the application as soon as possible to increase the chances of being admitted.” Mr. Chung said.

Although there are many enrollment methods, most candidates choose and combine familiar methods such as reviewing academic records, considering high school graduation scores or using the results of the competency assessment exam because of the criteria in different methods. This method is somewhat more than the other methods. However, candidates need to consider and learn carefully about their professions, benchmarks compared to the previous year and their own abilities to have a high chance of being admitted to university this year.

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