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Binh Dinh Company has a hushed transaction, only getting more than 1 million dong all day

On April 1, Binh Dinh Book and Equipment Joint Stock Company (HNX: BDB) had a rare gaining session, the market price is now at 13,900 dong/share, up 1,200 dong (equivalent to 9.45%). However, the number of transactions of this code was only 100 shares, the total trading value of the whole day at the beginning of the month was only one million dong.

Previous session, March 31, Books and Equipment Pacify without any transactions, the ticker stood still.

On the days from March 21-30, this code has interspersed transactions. One day there is an interleaved transaction on the next day there is no transaction. The number of transactions is also very meager, from 80 to 300 shares on the exchange. The total value was just over 4 million VND for the session on 30/3. As for the remaining session, about one million dong, even on the 23rd session, only 10 stocks were traded, historical data recorded “0” in the column of total trading value.

Two trading sessions of 110 and 100 shares on March 21 and 28 increased purple even though the trading value was only one million dong each. Similar situation on 1/4 recently.

A month earlier, from February 21 to March 18, the stock code of Binh Dinh Book and Equipment fell into a state of “sleep” of non-stop transactions. There was only one purple session on February 25, the trading volume was up to 1,300 shares, worth 16 million dong. The market price jumped to 12,500 VND/share, compared to 11,400 VND in the previous ten sessions.

According to the financial report for 2021, Binh Dinh Book and Equipment Joint Stock Company was equitized under the scheme of Binh Dinh province from Binh Dinh Book and Equipment Company. Charter capital is more than 11.2 billion VND, the capital contribution of Vietnam Education Publishing House One Member Limited Liability Company accounts for more than 40%. The company’s staff has only 29 people, management level personnel is 5 people.

The company’s short-term assets as of December 31, 2021 were VND 20.2 billion. Cash and cash equivalents are only VND 292 million. These two indexes as of January 1, 2021 are VND 13.5 billion and VND 2 billion, respectively. BDB’s short-term financial investment increased from VND 4 billion at the beginning of the year to VND 5.5 billion at the end of 2021.

Short-term debt increased by about 6 billion VND, from 4.1 billion VND to 10.3 billion VND. Sales and service provision revenue in 2021 is 65 billion VND, an increase of about 3 billion compared to the same period last year. Gross profit is more than 7.6 billion dong for 2021. Total profit after corporate income tax is 1.5 billion dong.

BDB has a dense shareholder structure

Mr. Ho Phu Cuong holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of BDB, according to his role for Vietnam Publishing House to appoint to join the Board of Directors. Vice Chairman and Director Pham Dinh Thuan holds 14,500 shares, accounting for 1.29% of charter capital.

Ms. Diep Cam Nhung, Chief Accountant, Member of the Board of Directors, has 1,896 BDB shares, equivalent to 0.17%. Ms. Nguyen Thi Nguyet Hoa, Head of Supervisory Board, has 1,500 shares (0.13%).

A person named Nguyen Thi Thu An owns 112,800 shares of the company, accounting for 10%, as of June 22, 2021. Ms. Thu An bought 21,000 shares on June 22, 2021. Before making this transaction, she had 91,800 shares.

These people have “no transactions” in shares in the past year, according to the Governance Report 2021. That is the reason this company’s stock ticker is quiet besides the reason for the dense shareholder composition: Education Publishing House. Vietnam accounts for almost oversold and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu An also owns a large volume.

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