Chance to receive iPhone 13 and Samsung S21 when buying on

Chance to receive iPhone 13 and Samsung S21 when buying on - Photo 1.

“oneSME: Register quickly- Luck will come” has gradually become a trademark of VNPT with the first two seasons taking place successfully. In this comeback, VNPT continues to bring many attractive prizes, with a special prize of 01 256GB iPhone 13 for the luckiest customer.

Specifically, customers when purchasing telecommunications and IT services on the platform such as VNPT CA Digital Certificate, VNPT SmartCA, Electronic Invoice, Social Insurance, Smart Cloud… Besides discounts up to 20% and free trial packages, customers also have the opportunity to join the program. lucky draw “oneSME: Register quickly-Luck will come”.

The program takes place from April 1, 2022 to May 15, 2022 for all customers who are Organizations-Enterprises, Business Households who register orders, sign contracts and successfully deploy orders on the website. When participating in the program, in addition to the special prize of 256GB iPhone 13, customers also have the opportunity to win dozens of other valuable prizes such as: Samsung Galaxy phone, 32-inch Samsung LCD Smart Monitor, Computer HP print, Bluetooth Headset. The total value of the prizes is up to 100 million VND.

The lucky draw is scheduled to take place on May 27, 2022. The customer’s prize code used to draw prizes for the program is “Order code” when registering an order on the oneSME system. is the first comprehensive digital transformation platform in Vietnam for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) researched and developed by VNPT. The platform aims to connect and promote the strength of the community together to build a digital transformation service ecosystem for organizations, businesses, and individual business households in Vietnam, contributing to the building and shaping of digital transformation. National Digital Economy.

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