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Clip: With just a small trick, the fishmonger “picks up” the shopper

A guy posted a close-up clip recording the image of a fishmonger cheating when weighing goods for customers, attracting attention.

The behavior of underweight and underweight is quite common in small street vendors such as fruits, vegetables, etc. along the roads. Often buyers do not have a standard scale to check, so it is difficult to detect the fraudulent behavior of these sellers.

Recently, a guy shared a clip of detecting fraudulent behavior of a fishmonger posted on TikToker attract viewers.

Clip: Uncover the fishmonger’s weight loss trick.

If you pay close attention, you will see an abnormality because when putting the fish on the scale, the seller put the fish on the scale with 2 weighing plates. After that, this person quickly put down the weighing plate with the fish, and the weight returned to the zero mark.

This shows that the weight of the fish being weighed has been cheated up a lot when adding the weight of the 2 weighing plates.

In addition, the fishmonger’s operation is also very quick, skillful, and professional, making it difficult for buyers or even clip watchers to recognize this point.

Clip: With just a small trick, fishmongers pickpocket shoppers-1
The action is quick and decisive, so that the buyer can’t keep up with it.

The clip exposing the fraudulent behavior of the fishmonger has attracted a large number of viewers and comments. Many people believe that, although the fraudulent weight is not worth much, only about 50-100g / time, but over time, the seller will “pickpocket” a large amount of money from the buyer.

Many people thanked the guy for coming back and uploading it Social Network for everyone to be vigilant when shopping because this is a common case encountered.

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