Condolences to the girl’s father who died in the fire in Phu Do

The news that a 25-year-old girl died in a fire in Phu Do (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) made relatives and neighbors extremely sad.

On the morning of April 2, a mournful atmosphere enveloped An Hoa village, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi – the hometown of the girl Ng.Th.MA (SN 1997), victim died in a house fire in Phu Do (Nam Tu Liem).

Many relatives and neighbors were present to offer condolences to the family’s grief.

MA’s parents are self-employed, so their economic conditions are average, but they have taken care of MA and 2 of their younger brothers and sisters in college. As the eldest daughter, since childhood, MA has always been an exemplary daughter and sister, an example for the children to follow.

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Relatives and neighbors come to offer condolences to the family

“His grandson (MA) is obedient and polite, we all respect him. When I heard the news that he had an accident, I was extremely sad, I went to his house from yesterday afternoon to pick him up and offer condolences to his family.” A neighbor said and said that MA’s mother has fainted several times since she heard of the accident.

Nguyen Minh Duc (MA’s father) lamented: “A few days ago, I went down to the motel to deposit money with my boyfriend to buy an apartment, in February we will get married. But now this incident has happened, which is too much of a pain for the family.”

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A mournful atmosphere enveloped the small house

Mr. Duc said, on the night of March 31, when he heard that his sister’s dormitory was on fire, MA’s two brothers ran to the hospital to see the list of victims but did not see her name. The miracle did not happen, on the morning of April 1, the bad news broke down with the family.

As reported, on the evening of March 31, in Phu Do ward (Nam Tu Liem), a case occurred fire causing Ng.Th.MA to die, 5 others to be injured, and many properties to be destroyed.

By professional measures, the police agency identified and arrested the suspect of the crime Tran Thi Thanh Hai (SN 1993, hometown Nam Dinh).

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Late at night on April 1, the body of the unlucky girl was brought home

At the police station, the subject confessed to having an affair with Mr. CVH. On March 31, Hai bought 30,000 VND of gasoline and brought it to where Mr. H was staying but did not meet him. After that, Hai went to cut his hair, wash his hair and get his nails done.

At the hair salon, Hai thought about the prohibition of Mr. H. and his family, leading to Mr. H. not taking care of himself, so he had the intention to bring the gas bottle he just bought back to burn Mr. V’s car. H’s cousin

Around 6 pm on March 31, after entering the first floor of the parking lot, Hai found Mr. V’s car and burned it. Then, afraid that others would find out, Hai ran to the gate and threw away his outerwear.

Hai was arrested by the police not long after that. Currently, the authorities are continuing to investigate and consolidate documents to handle Hai in accordance with the law.

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