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Details to know before buying iPhone SE 2022-Hi-tech fashion

Saturday, April 2, 2022 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

Before deciding to invest in iPhone SE 2022, users should know things about this phone to avoid regrets later.

Same design iPhone SE old

The first thing users notice about the new iPhone SE is that it looks like the iPhone SE 2020, based on the iPhone 8 body. So you won’t see anything different from its predecessor from the outside. The only small change is its color.

Details to know before buying iPhone SE 2022 - 1

iPhone SE 2022 comes in Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red colors, which are basically a bit different from the Black, White, and Red of its predecessor, but still not enough to create a feeling of holding on a brand new iPhone.

One big change that users don’t notice is that Apple has added a Ceramic Shield coating to the back and front of the new iPhone SE, which makes the phone more durable than previous models, allowing it to be more resistant to damage. back a few drops without cracking.

If you love Touch ID, you won’t be disappointed. One good thing about the product is that it comes with a large Home button with Touch ID integration. Of course, this means the screen won’t be that big.

Fastest Chips

The biggest change on the iPhone SE 2022 is inside, where Apple has decided to equip the product with a much more powerful A15 Bionic chip. Although Apple doesn’t talk about RAM, the product also comes with 4GB RAM which is larger than 3GB on the old version.

This combination makes it one of the most powerful iPhones on the market today, allowing users to play demanding games or open multiple apps with ease. However, the battery is still a limitation on this product.

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Same camera but better quality

Apple continues to “reuse” the old camera system on the new iPhone SE with very similar parameters to the iPhone SE 2020. However, thanks to the help of the A15 Bionic chip, the new iPhone SE can take better photos than ever. , for brighter colors and more detailed photos.

Similarly, the new iPhone SE also comes with the exclusive features of the iPhone 13 thanks to the new chip, including Smart HDR 4 and Photographic Styles. Moreover, users can also record videos in 4K format without any problems.

One thing that’s missing is Night Mode, so don’t expect to take the best photos at night. However, thanks to the new chip, Apple has made the old camera system new.

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Don’t expect the best battery life

One of the biggest issues with the iPhone SE is battery life due to its small design, where the battery can’t be as big as higher-end devices. Fortunately, thanks to the A15 Bionic chip and other internal improvements, the battery life of the product is still better than its predecessor.

Of course, users should not expect the iPhone SE 2022 to have a battery that lasts all day on a single charge. Like any other device, this depends on how much you use it, but can last up to 9 or 10 hours like the iPhone SE 2020.

5G but not mmWave

Apple adds 5G to the new iPhone SE, which helps users keep a faster and stronger connection wherever 5G is available. However, mmWave technology is not available on this device. Constantly turning on 5G can reduce battery life, so make sure to use this feature when needed.

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With that said, 5G is a very welcome feature on the new iPhone SE and becomes one of the great options for those looking to buy an iPhone and not need to upgrade for the next few years.

Higher price

Finally, the iPhone SE 2022 will start at VND 12.99 million for the version with 64 GB of internal memory. It is certainly a higher price than the starting price of its predecessor, but it is still suitable for some upgrades on the product.

At the end of the iPhone SE rollout, the biggest news was that the low-cost iPhone was starting to get more expensive, although it wasn’t by much. This is a cheap and affordable iPhone for most people. Plus, improvements to the chip, camera, and 5G support make this iPhone one of the best smartphones available in that price range.

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