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Dress up, behave like a normal person

Late last year, a Chinese netizen came across billionaire Dieu Chan Hoa eats noodles in a popular roadside restaurant. He is one of the wealthiest tycoons in Shenzhen.

Not long after, this image went viral throughout social networks in China. No one would have thought that a real estate tycoon who owns billions of dollars in assets like Dieu Zhenhua would dress simply with a shirt and trousers, sit on a red plastic chair, and enjoy a bowl of noodles priced at just a few dollars. more than 10 yuan (about 35,000 VND) like ordinary people.

Billionaire eats a bowl of noodles with 35,000 VND: Dress and behave like an ordinary person, even though he used to be the 4th richest person in China - Photo 1.

Billionaire Dieu Chan Hoa (Photo: Internet).

Billionaire surnamed Yao was born in 1970 in Guangdong. He graduated from South China University of Technology and is currently Chairman of Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group and Chairman of Shenzhen Industrial Research Cooperation Promotion Association.

In 2016, Yao Zhenhua became the focus because of the sharp increase in his wealth after Baoneng repeatedly bought back shares of China Vanke – China’s leading real estate group at that time.

According to SCMP, Yao Zhenhua pocketed 115 billion yuan (about 17.2 billion USD) after those deals with a record increase in assets of up to 820%. If in 2015, he was only in the group of 200 richest people in China, in 2017, he entered the list of 10 richest billionaires in the country with billions of people with a fortune of nearly 10 billion USD.

Baoneng Group has a network of nearly 50 subsidiaries, operating in various fields, from real estate, finance, education, healthcare to insurance.

The image of Yao Zhenhua eating noodles in a popular restaurant has received sobbing compliments from Chinese netizens. Most of them praise the simplicity of this giant and consider him an inspirational example.

However, there are also opinions that wonder why having extra money to dine at the most high-class restaurants like Dieu has to eat at such a tiny noodle shop. Opposing the above opinion, some netizens argued that no matter how rich, it is difficult for anyone to eat oysters and seafood every day.

Not only that, nowadays, more and more people of the upper class are paying more attention to things of intangible value that can bring them development in all aspects, including health, thinking and asset.

That is why the rich around the world are tending not to show off their money and luxury goods, but to focus on investing in education, health and savings. Today’s rich people can look like ordinary people: dress modestly, dine at popular restaurants. On the other hand, they spare no money to spend on things that can make life better and better.

In fact, Dieu Chan Hoa is not the only billionaire who eats at popular restaurants. In 2019, billionaire Bill Gates was caught waiting in line for his turn outside Dick’s Drive-In fast food restaurant in Seattle. His meal costs only 7.68 USD (about 175,000 VND), including hamburgers, fries and Coke.

His appearance surprised many people by the simpler lifestyle of the person who once topped the list of the richest billionaires on the planet. Photos taken of Bill Gates were posted on Facebook by Mike Galos – a former Microsoft employee.

Mike captioned it: “When you have a fortune of hundreds of billions of dollars and run the world’s largest charity, but still patiently waiting in line to buy at Dick’s like everyone else. This is how the rich spend their money. really”.

In 2011, at a meeting at the University of Washington, Bill Gates shared: “When you have a few million dollars, you will have a lot of freedom. But when it goes beyond that number a lot, I have to say everything. It’s the same. Fast food restaurants haven’t raised prices significantly.” 4-trung-quoc-20220328101516979.chn

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