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Dubbed the “golden spoon” player, Team Flash’s way of expressing love also “has its own way”.

Indeed, in the village Arena of valor Vietnam and the whole world ADC is the genuine “rich kid”. ADC’s mother herself, in a conversation with the media, also said that she didn’t know what to give ADC because her son already had everything.

When many people are still struggling with their careers, ADC has earned billions of income from the ability to play games. Thanks to skilled game play and the ability to coordinate well with teammates through the seasons, ADC has become one of the most successful gamers of the game Lien Quan Mobile. This has brought the “god of the forest” a small source of income.

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At the age of 22, the forest god of Team Flash already owns 2 billion-dollar box trucks, has a restaurant specializing in Korean dishes in Hai Phong, making the whole gaming community admire and respect with a rich, “lemongrass” life. With a large source of income, it is not surprising that ADC also buys a series of luxury goods for themselves. Many times, netizens have encountered sets of tens of millions on ADC such as LV bags, Gucci shoes, Off-White shirts…

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With his wealth, the male player also shows a very special affection for his girlfriend. The picture shared on Instagram by Kim Chung Phan shows that, just wanting to say love to his other half, ADC did not hesitate to transfer 20 million VND directly with the message: “Love my wife”.

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This is not the only time he shows his love for his girlfriend Kim Chung Phan. During their time together, on special occasions, ADC is not afraid to give their girl valuable branded items.

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