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England is the number two candidate at the World Cup 2022

Oddschecker estimates England’s chances of winning higher than France, Spain and Germany in the 2022 World Cup.

Oddschecker puts the odds on England’s chance of winning at 6/1 (put 1 to 6). According to this bookmaker, only Brazil has a higher chance of winning with the odds of 11/2, while France is 7/1, Spain 9/1, Argentina 10/1, Germany and Belgium with 12/1 and Portugal January 14.

Coach Gareth Southgate (centre) is said to be satisfied with the result of England's draw.  Photo: AP.

Coach Gareth Southgate (centre) is said to be satisfied with the result of England’s draw. Photo: AP.

He is so appreciated because he is located in favorable table, according to the draw results in Qatar on the evening of April 1. Their Group B has the presence of three other teams including Iranthe US and the winner of bracket A of the European play-off round (Wales, Scotland or Ukraine). These teams are all “below” Gareth Southgate’s teachers and students in terms of both force and level.

If England are topped Group B, England will meet the runner-up of Group A in the round of 16. When Netherlands Most likely to top Group A, England’s opponent could be one of the three teams Senegal, Ecuador and the host Qatar. If they continue to win, the Three Lions may face a real challenge when they face France in the quarterfinals.

According to the match schedule, England will meet Iran, the US and the other team in turn. After the draw, coach Southgate shared: “The first two opponents are teams that we have not played for a long time. The third match is a mystery, but it is entirely possible that it will be a King derby. England. When you are placed in the first group, you will have the advantage of avoiding the top six or seven teams. I think most of the seeded teams will be pleased with the results of the group stage draw.”

Germany, the 2014 World Cup winner, is underrated Brazil, England, France, Spain and Argentina by falling into Group E with Spain, Japan and the winner of the Costa Rica – New Zealand pairing. If ranked second in Group E, coach Hansi Flick’s teachers and students will have to meet the first team of Group F (Belgium, CroatiaMorocco or Canada).

Germany fell into the difficult group because they did not make it to the first group. This group includes the host Qatar and the seven teams with the highest positions on the FIFA table in March 2022. Germany currently ranks 12th.

Thanh Quy (according to Oddschecker)

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