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From a career truck to a joyful life on XL7, the small family puts all their faith in Suzuki

From a career truck to a happy life on the XL7, the small family put all their faith in Suzuki - Photo 1.

Duong Van Dang believes in using Suzuki’s Carry Pro and XL7 models to serve work and family

Duong Van Dang, currently a business owner in the glue industry and the owner of the Carry Pro light truck model, along with a 7-seat SUV Suzuki XL7. With a quality and durable truck that has been a great help for many years, he understands and has almost no hesitation when buying another passenger car of the same brand. And after 1 year of accompanying a durable car like the XL7, he feels it’s worth it.

Hi Mr. Dang, glad you accepted the interview. It is known that he owns a Suzuki XL7. Is this your first car?

Before buying the XL7, I had a Carry Pro truck from Suzuki and had not used any other passenger car model. This truck I had the opportunity to choose to buy in 2014 with an amount of about 250 million dong borrowed by the couple to start a business after leaving the office. And then by 2020, after 5 years of “plowing” with that extremely durable car, I confidently chose the XL7 to both support work and serve the family’s travel needs, especially 2 “child” members of my family.

When buying a Suzuki XL7, did you consider any other models? What about XL7 convinced you?

At the time of choosing to buy XL7, I also considered adding another SUV and finally decided to buy XL7 because of the impression in fuel economy, and also know in advance the durability and reliability of the brand. Suzuki through the process of using Carry Pro trucks. Actual use shows that I made the right decision, the car is more economical than expected, especially in the current situation of high gas prices.

How does Suzuki XL7 support your work as well as serve your family?

With the Suzuki XL7, the whole family has tireless long trips. Affordable car price, low fuel consumption, eye-catching design. The interior of the car is spacious, the driver’s seat is very comfortable, the engine is smooth, making the driver and the rear passengers feel very comfortable when traveling long distances.

The car has a large touch screen, connected to navigate, listen to music or programs the children like along the way. Driving myself is also more comfortable thanks to the clear reverse camera displayed on the big screen, which looks very “happy”.

From a career truck to a happy life on the XL7, the small family put all their faith in Suzuki - Photo 2.

Suzuki XL7 has proven its value, gradually gaining the love of customers when it brings many outstanding values.

In addition to serving business trips, and weekends with family, XL7 also participates in the family business as well as the truck. The XL7 can fold the seats, so the rear space is very large, carrying many cargo boxes, effectively supporting Carry Pro when I receive an overload of orders.

How do you rate the performance of Suzuki XL7?

Driving is comfortable because of the large space, holding the steering wheel is also interesting with the D-design, the air-conditioning system cools quickly and there is a place to cool drinking water very conveniently. Thanks to the high ground clearance, the car runs well in many types of terrain, and the ramps do not have any problems. But I am still most impressed with the ability to save fuel, the 7-seater car “drinks less” than the 4-seat car, even when running in the inner city.

From a start-up truck to a happy life on XL7, the small family put all their faith in Suzuki - Photo 3.

Suzuki XL7 has always been appreciated for its economical operation and reasonable cost of use

I also went back to my hometown in DakLak with this car during the Covid season, the car carried a lot of things including stoves and pots, food used for cooking along the way to avoid infection. All 3 rows of seats are spacious, stretch their legs comfortably, so the whole family feels very “carefree”, the kids feel healthy when riding, not afraid of the long distance.

Does Suzuki’s customer service satisfy you?

I feel pleasure. The car bought for 2 years did not cost anything because there was Suzuki’s maintenance regime, only filling with gasoline, changing the genuine oil 2 times and then running. Maintenance has a very professional and modern computer programming system. Attentive and dedicated service, the staff washes the car themselves when the car is dirty, and when they return, there are gifts as souvenirs.

From the start-up truck to the joyful life on the XL7, the small family put all their faith in Suzuki - Photo 4.

The family of Mr. Dang was lucky enough to win a Suzuki Impulse 2-wheel scooter when participating in Suzuki programs

The company also called me when there was a program to invite me to participate. And luck also came when I won the Impulse scooter that my family was using. Currently, I am also “aiming” to buy more GZ 150A manual clutches.

Thank you for sharing the above! Wish you continue to have long journeys with many good memories with the Suzuki XL7. trust-suzuki-20220401165931996.chn

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