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Heartbroken with 10-year-old boy’s phone call before jumping to the police

Accordingly, the incident of a 10-year-old boy sitting on the 6th floor window for half an hour with the intention of committing suicide in Ha Lan, Ningxia (China) on May 10 last year made anyone feel sorry. far.

Even more pitiful, before deciding jumping The boy made a phone call to the police, the content of the conversation lasted 17 minutes with sobs and tears that made everyone listening.

Heartbroken by the call of a 10-year-old boy before jumping from the building to the police - Photo 1.

The 10-year-old boy sat at the window for a long time then called the police. Photo:Net Ease

The person on the emergency number that day was a female police officer, in an interview, she said that right from the moment she heard the voice of the person on the line, she felt something was very insecure. That’s why right after that, she very gently and carefully confirmed the information from the caller. After confirming that the caller was a 10-year-old boy, she skillfully asked him if he needed help from the police, or just said it.

At that time, the 10-year-old boy said in a low voice: “I want to jump upstairs right now, I’ve been by the window for a long time, can you talk to me for a moment? This stressful life has really knocked me down, I really can’t get over it. I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore.” At this point, the 10-year-old boy started to cry.

After hearing these words of the boy, the female police officer was extremely surprised, followed by panic and mixed feelings of pity. But right after that, she quickly received and analyzed the information, and at the same time did the psychological stabilization work for the 10-year-old boy, trying to buy time for the rescue team to confirm the location and find a solution. rescue.

In an interview, the female police officer shared, she was extremely heartbroken when talking with this boy, she said: “The boy is a very understanding person even though he is only 10 years old, he loves his mother very much, but both mother and son show love in the wrong way, in addition to invisible pressures, great expectations. makes the psychology of a 10-year-old child suffer too much.”

The call between the 10-year-old boy and the policewoman lasted for 17 minutes, fortunately a miracle came when the police located the boy’s house and successfully rescued it.

Heartbroken with the call of a 10-year-old boy before jumping from the building to the police - Photo 3.

Fortunately, the police arrived in time and successfully rescued the 10-year-old boy. Photo: Net Ease.

Immediately after, the police conducted an investigation into the cause of the incident, it was known that the boy’s mother, because of work pressure, often accidentally took actions to “vent all her anger” on her child by scolding, even beat. In addition to the pressure of grades and studies, the boy was not happy to go out with friends for a long time.

It is these seemingly small things that accumulate every day that make me depressed and have thoughts of wanting to jump off the stairs to free myself. The incident has attracted great attention from parents, many of whom have left comments that:

“How lonely must the boy be to think like that?”

“Perhaps the boy himself did not want to die, unconsciously he was still trying to get help from someone, the call to the police was really right. Fortunately, a miracle happened.”

“Depression is still not well known and understood until now, but it’s really scary.”

“Parents, please pay attention to the smallest changes in your children, negative behaviors are not spontaneous, most of it has been accumulated for a long time and a lot of time. It’s been a while. So please pay more attention to your mental health.”

Sharing from experts

American expert on suicide prevention Lauren Davis once said that the high suicide rate often falls in the teenage years, this is the period when they experience the most unstable psychological period, easily hurt their mind. reason to choose negative solutions. It is psychological pressure that leads to an increase in depression, prolonged stress, prolonged pressure, then just a moment, just a small thing can become an impact that makes children feel free. Therefore, parents, teachers and people around need to pay attention and pay attention to the smallest abnormal signs of their children.

Take the time to understand and give your children a free space to develop, don’t let them get stuck in their own home!


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