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Homeliday Eo Gio strives to ensure construction progress and quality

Homeliday investor Eo Gio is trying to ensure the progress and quality of the work, bringing a sustainable profitable resort product to customers. The project is expected to be handed over synchronously in the third quarter of 2023.

Determined towards the quality and progress of the work

According to Homeliday investor Eo Gio, QME2T will be the construction unit of the project’s infrastructure. This is a strong unit with many years of experience in the field of construction, especially coastal works with some outstanding projects such as: Vega City Nha Trang, FLC Coastal Hill – Quy Nhon…

The project co-developer – Homeliday Group is implementing the process of closely monitoring the progress of infrastructure construction, preparing all backup plans to support the QME2T construction contractor.

Homeliday Eo Gio strives to ensure construction progress and quality
Gathering HDPE spiral pipes and starting to deploy and install MEP system (Source: FLC Group)

A representative of QME2T said that, since the end of February, the Homeliday Eo Gio project site has kept a bustling and busy pace, with hundreds of engineers and workers working. When the epidemic is under control, the number of working shifts is increased, staff and workers take turns working in shifts, ensuring work progress as well as health.

Mr. Kim Bao, a worker in the group in charge of the electromechanical system, said: “The project management board is creating the best conditions for workers, focusing on safe work and places to rest. work. Everyone is determined to aim for the quality and progress of the work.”

Homeliday Eo Gio strives to ensure construction progress and quality
Deployed leveling and leveling to create entrance to the project, reaching 50% of the volume (Source: FLC Group)

The representative of QME2T informed that up to the present time, the project is constructing and installing the electromechanical system – an important item in construction. Two substations 1,2 were built to install the pipeline system for the medium and high voltage sections. The manhole and drainage system is applied according to advanced technology, ensuring the smooth operation of water supply and drainage of the entire project.

At the same time, the iconic gate of Homeliday Eo Gio was also fabricated and erected reinforcement and formwork, ensuring the complete identity of the project. It is expected that these construction areas, along with items related to roads and auxiliary works, will be completed in mid-May.

Homeliday Eo Gio strives to ensure construction progress and quality
The gate of Homeliday Eo Gio project is being fabricated and erected, reinforcing steel and formwork (Source: FLC Group)

Immediately after completing the infrastructure, Homeliday Group will carry out construction of works on land such as clubhouses, villas, squares and products such as Sea Golf Villas, Sea Golf Shop, Sea Golf Complex… to ensure the handover of the contract. set in the third quarter of 2023.

The representative of the investment unit expects that Homeliday Eo Gio will be a beautiful resort complex that will captivate anyone who comes here. With a romantic sea view and add-on facilities, the project will be a stunning sight in Quy Nhon.

Homeliday Eo Gio brings sustainable profitability

Homeliday Eo Gio strives to ensure construction progress and quality
Perspective of project product design inspired by California – USA (Source: FLC Group)

After completion, Homeliday Eo Gio is expected to be the highlight project of the resort real estate market in Quy Nhon area. The project is located in Nhon Ly commune, City. Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province owns a diverse system of external utilities serving many tourism purposes such as: international standard golf course, conference center, safari park, shopping center….

The project is also located next to the “must-visit” tourist attractions of Quy Nhon such as Ky Co, Eo Gio, etc., bringing profitability to the owner. The project’s profitability is confirmed by the strong companionship of the operation management unit BPMax to support the exploitation and ensure profit for the owner. This is considered as one of the strengths of the project, creating peace of mind for investors who want to own an upscale resort product.

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