How to identify children with depression and suicidal thoughts early

According to experts, there are some warning signs in children of psychological illness, depression and suicidal thoughts that parents are not difficult to recognize.

On the same day, two cases of teen suicide (in Hanoi and Bac Ninh) occurred consecutively, making many people sad. From the suicide notes left behind, they may have tormented themselves in negative thoughts and psychological problems for a long time.

According to doctors, in fact, the situation of adolescents with psychological problems, anxiety disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts is very common. In many cases in which it cannot be saved, choosing death is the only way to escape. Unfortunately, the child has shown signs of depression before, but the family does not recognize or anticipate the consequences.

Talking to us, Dr. BS Tran Thi Hong Thu, Deputy Director of Mai Huong Day Psychiatric Hospital, said that there are some signs in children that warn of psychological illness and depression that parents are not difficult to recognize. out.

Specifically, children are disobedient, stressed, overreacted, withdrawn, not open, do not talk to their parents. Children’s temperament is unusually irritable, easy to cry, easy to conflict. Children may be very afraid of communication, afraid to go to school, less sociable.

Another sign to watch out for is trouble sleeping, not sleeping deeply in children. According to Dr. Thu, children are carefree, so they often fall asleep very easily. However, if the child is not sick, but the child is sleeping poorly, tossing and turning, and cannot sleep for a long time, it is likely that the child has a mental health problem.

In addition, children with mental illness, depression They also often eat poorly, even refusing to eat, leading to weight loss. Fatigue and prolonged stress also make children forgetful and ineffective in studying. In very bad mental cases, it also gives rise to long-lasting pain, most commonly headache, abdominal pain.

“There are cases when children come to school every time they go to school with stomachaches and digestive disorders,” Dr. Thu said.

According to Dr. Thu, children who have psychological problems and depression will gradually develop feelings of inferiority and disappointment in themselves. Children will feel guilty, self-accusing, desperate, stuck with no way out. Patients who see death as the only way out should begin to have negative thoughts and find ways to commit suicide.

There are several signs that a child is having suicidal thoughts.

First, I was suddenly incredibly elated. According to Dr. Thu, this is an expression of self-assurance, feeling that there is a way out, so I am more excited. Second, the baby may also be more depressed. Children are troubled, torn and awkward, so they will have a disgruntled attitude. Third, children may tell strange stories, talk idly about things related to death or threaten suicide.

“When your child has the above-mentioned abnormal psychological signs, it is necessary to take him to the doctor immediately to be screened, consulted and intervened by a doctor.” TS emphasized.

Dr. Thu remembers the case of a male patient studying in high school in Hanoi. Children have shown signs of depression, irritability, and irritability for a long time. However, both parents do not accept that their children have mental health problems, resolutely not taking them to the doctor even though they have relatives reminding them.

“The patient’s family thinks that the child is only uncomfortable with his parents, but with his relatives or friends, they are all very open and smiling, so they think that the child is okay. This is wrong thinking. In fact, children only get angry with their parents because it is the safest place to relax. In class or at relatives’ houses, children have to wear a ‘mask’ and cannot express their true feelings.”Dr. Thu said.

This case then had 2 suicide attempts, but fortunately received timely emergency treatment. When the family took the boy to see Dr. Thu for an examination, the child was in a very depressed state, no longer wanted to talk, interact with his parents, or even eat at the same table.

“If the patient does not go to the doctor or receive treatment, then death is only a matter of time, because children always have thoughts of their own. suicidal“, Dr. Thu shared.

In order to prevent psychological problems and depression for children, according to TS.BS Tran Thi Hong Thu, parents need to understand their children’s thoughts and aspirations, and find ways to help children say all their thoughts.

Dr. Thu said, “If parents are happy, then the child will receive the best care”, so parents must first pay attention to their own mental health. children, reducing scolding, criticizing the child in the wrong way.

Besides, there should be closeness, concern for children, listen, share with children more and try to put yourself in children’s shoes to solve problems.

“For example, a child who is irritable is the most obvious sign when a child has a psychological problem. If we see the baby constantly reacting like that, but we let it go, take it lightly, even ‘trust the authority’, scold more, then maybe the child will feel that there is no way out.” Dr. Thu shared.

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