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How to keep the fire in love like in the beginning

Don’t get caught up in that situation and learn how to get emotional again by following these suggestions:

Spend quality time together

The demands of work and children seem to have consumed all of the couple’s time. Especially for couples with unstable careers, unhealthy children. It’s not the fault of either party, it’s just the circumstances that lead to a lack of time together.

Besides, there are many couples who lack time to spend together, not because they can’t arrange it, but because each person pursues a separate purpose and hobby. They spend too much time on surfing the web, social networks, reading useless news, following negative trends… Therefore, their time together is superficial and boring.

To overcome this situation, couples should set aside a certain amount of time each week, with a private space to date. It can be a cafe, watch a movie, go for a walk… and enjoy that cultural and artistic space. It is not necessary to talk too much, sometimes just walking silently together is enough to be comfortable, peaceful and happy. Need to spend quality time with each other to warm up feelings, find love again in their marriage.

You can change the form of dating as well as interesting content. It is possible to recall the date of meeting, the day of engagement, the day of the wedding, even the day of anger… All of which make both of them recall the moment that both left a deep impression. It gives you the opportunity to communicate and compromise better for the future.

Taking the time to recall those past memories can help you remember why you fell in love, fell in love, fell in love with each other. It will also strengthen the bond that you have chosen—and continue to choose to love, walking together every day.

Discover something new about each other

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How to love like a newlywed? (illustration).

As the years go by, you may think you both know each other, know all there is to know about each other, and don’t need to discover anything more. Therefore, it seems that the two are just beginning to feel that life together is boring. The reality is not so, in fact, no matter how long two people live together, they may not fully understand each other, not know what they have never seen.

Try to discover the enemy in the following way: participate in intellectual entertainment games (for example, survival games in the mountains, on the sea…). You will have the opportunity to discover how your other half handled the situation. Whether the treatment is good or not, it is harmless, but what you gain, is knowing more ways to think, how to face the problem. It’s something you’ve never encountered in your entire marriage together.

Another way is that you don’t be afraid of difficulties or changes when moving. A new place requires a lot of thinking for both of you to find ways to adapt. At that time, the two will have many opportunities to discuss and calculate.

Don’t think that only good economic conditions can change where you live, choose a place that suits your finances. Changing the place of residence is to avoid boredom for life in the most reasonable way.

Refreshing sex

Sex helps keep the marriage fire, is the bond between husband and wife, helps two people to sublimate in life. However, if you continue to apply sex in the old way, it will not be interesting for both, especially today there are so many dominant things. Over time, even many couples become frigid or unfulfilled with each other’s physiological needs. This will make one of the two feel frustrated, annoyed, always irritable. This also makes married life stressful and tiring.

Let’s warm up the love by changing the position of “love” and the way of “love”. It is not necessary to stay in bed, but try in the bathroom, storage room … as long as privacy is guaranteed. Also don’t be afraid to watch “hot” movies when there are 2 people. Indeed, healthy sex movies have an unexpected effect on married couples for many years.

Be bold with new poses, actively “falling in love” with each other in a wild way – things that have never been done before. Don’t forget sex isn’t everything, but sex can change everything, even if it’s boring to fall in love.

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