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Husband “afternoon” in the wrong way, why is it difficult for his wife to sublimate-Young man

Saturday, April 2, 2022 07:00 AM (GMT+7)

The story of “love” determines the happiness of a couple, then the climax is the stage that makes both emotional sublimation. But a lot of women do not know what it is to be sublimated, or what to expect to be helped by your husband to the top?

Husband "pm"  This is the wrong way, why is it difficult for a wife to sublimate - 1

If not enjoying the wonderful feeling of orgasm, it is a great disadvantage for women. (Illustration)

At a loss for not reaching the top, I don’t know how to sublimate emotions

Men when “in love” often have orgasms, but many women find it very difficult to orgasm with their husbands and of course do not know what emotional sublimation is.

Sex is an important factor determining the happiness of a couple, then climax is the stage that makes both emotional sublimation. In men, the orgasm during sex is quite obvious and happens every time. But why is it difficult for women to orgasm when having sex with their husbands – that’s a question many women care about.

Going to the top gives people an indescribable wonderful feeling that no other joy can bring.

Because when emotions surge, blood is pumped to the genitals, and at the same time the nerves are stimulated, making the body ecstatic.

If not enjoying this wonderful feeling of orgasm in sex, it is a great disadvantage for women.

So what hinders them from reaching the top? Part of the reason is that women have not been mentally satisfied during “communication” – often occurs in busy couples, or have lived together for a long time, causing “relationship”. becomes a habit that is difficult to break – which, when it is a habit, tends to be carried out in a loose manner, lacking a methodical approach.

Husband “returns cards” through speakers

Many couples have shared with the expert about the fact that sex no longer makes sense, because after 10-20 years of living together, the “old songs” become the way, like a pre-programmed machine that can’t be “reset”. from year to year. The husband asks his wife to “love” only because of physiological needs, the wife “pays” her husband for yes.

Gradually, the wife no longer has feelings during sex with her husband – evidence is that more than 40% of women claim that it has been a long time since they have known what it is to be sublimated, do not know what to ask for, or what to do to get a husband. respond in “love”. This is really serious and affects not only the climax process, but also has a bad impact on the couple’s relationship in the long run.

The quality of “love” is reduced

When your husband shows loving behaviors, loving positions that you love… but in your head you are still angry because of arguing with your mother-in-law, how can you be comfortable?

Psychological burdens in the heart inhibit the regeneration of sex hormones, making it difficult for women to climax, and also making husbands uncomfortable.

The secret is to solve all the problems in your heart, or temporarily put them aside for a great experience.

Hard to find pleasure because of physiological factors

Sexual desire in men is always very strong, but in women there are periods of easy orgasm, there are times when there is no interest in sexual matters. Understanding this physiological change means that you have answered the question: “Why is it difficult for women to orgasm?”.

Physiological changes explain why it is difficult for women to orgasm

According to physiological researchers, women are more likely to climax during ovulation, or the last days of their menstrual period – this is when, from a scientific point of view, estrogen levels spike. Women will experience intense desire and feel more fulfilled in sex.

In contrast, the milestones that women do not feel sexually satisfied are postpartum, breastfeeding and perimenopause. During this time, the body does not produce strong sex hormones and hormones to create arousal and desire. This leads to difficulty in reaching the top when having sex with her husband.

For example, in the process of raising children, the entire priority of nutrients in a woman’s body is for the production of milk for the baby. The process of making milk causes the body to produce a substance that suppresses hormones and sex drive. Therefore, changes in physiological factors are also barriers on the way to achieve orgasm for women.

Husband "pm"  This is the wrong way, why is it difficult for the wife to sublimate - 2

A husband’s lack of skills and flexibility when it comes to meeting the physiological needs of his wife – is one of the reasons why it is difficult for women to orgasm. (Illustration)

Husband “did” his wife incorrectly

This is a relatively sensitive issue that many women have recognized, but still hesitate and do not dare to give their husbands advice for many reasons – including the fact that the men are quite lacking in skills and flexibility in the process of answering questions. Meeting the physiological needs of the wife – is one of the reasons why it is difficult for women to orgasm.

Or maybe it’s because the husband “has not gone to the market and has run out of money” – making women cry and laugh because he has not had time to enjoy the sweetness of love, the husband has quickly “collected the army”.

In order for this problem not to affect women’s psychology, and at the same time not to lose interest of both, women actively nourish their husbands by changing his daily diet so that he has more sexual health.

Both need to learn new tricks to seduce each other, and women can master their own lovemaking – this experience is sure to be more refreshing and stimulating than lying around waiting for their husbands to show up.

Feeling uncomfortable when having sex

The weaker sex is very sensitive, women’s psychology always changes erratically – that’s because they are uncomfortable in sex, which explains more why it is difficult for women to reach the top.

Many brothers and sisters who have seen their sisters in the same office are in a bad mood right away, because whatever they do, they will “kick the basket and touch them”, even if they move a little bit, they will be angry, dissatisfied… Bed story – a problem sensitivity has affected psychological factors and women’s work.

Therefore, when fighting with a bad mood, the quality of the “love” will be reduced, so of course it is impossible to sublimate both. If you want both to sublimate women, please refer to the article “8 secrets in the bedroom, which need to be memorized for the “love” of husband and wife to be harmonious”, which will certainly be very helpful in this case.

It is difficult for women to reach the top because:

– Failure to achieve emotional sublimation;

– Psychological discomfort when having sex;

– Difficulty finding pleasure because of physiological factors;

– The husband has not “did” his wife properly;

– Failure to achieve emotional sublimation.

If you do not reach orgasm in sex, women will not climax or sublimate. Although climax is caused by many different factors, women soon take action to find a reasonable answer to “why is it difficult to get to the top” in order to maintain family happiness and keep the sexual fire burning.

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