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Is your girlfriend’s ‘little girl’ due to ‘love’ a lot?

04/02/2022 07:23 GMT+7

Many girls are unjustly accused because the slightly dark ‘little girl’ is seen by her boyfriend as having a strong bond in sexual relations. However, the truth is completely different.

A guy named MK joined the group ‘Adam’s Secret’ and asked experienced people about his and his girlfriend’s difficult things.

According to K. two people have been in love for more than 2 months and have sex. Although knowing that his girlfriend is not the first time having sex, K. himself still hesitates because he sees that his girlfriend’s ‘little girl’ is not like someone who has only had sex for 1-2 years. While K.’s girlfriend is only 22 years old.

After K.’s share, many people also argued about whether the color of the ‘little girl’ in women is related to the deep sexual relationship. Most men believe that what is used a lot is ‘sloppy’.

Master, Doctor Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of Office, Line Directing Center, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology I think that’s all incorrect. Many men have also asked Dr. Thanh about this issue, even many girls have low self-esteem and anxiety when their ‘little girl’ is a bit dark even though they have never had sex.

In fact, the female reproductive organs change from time to time under the influence of hormones.

‘The fact that the color is also due to hormones, not just ‘love a lot’ is the ‘little girl’ with less fresh color. This view of many brothers makes many girls unjust,” said Dr. Thanh.

Is your girlfriend’s ‘little girl’ due to ‘love’ a lot?
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Not only the color, many brothers also think that the girlfriend’s place is ‘easy’ to put in, is it a lot of sex? All is wrong.

Even women themselves wonder about the image of their external genitalia such as big lips, small lips, less bright colors. Or, there are women who whisper to the doctor that if their small lips look big, they are afraid that their boyfriend will think ‘used a lot’ so they want to cut their small lips.

‘In fact, how your reproductive organs are dependent on good hormones. Just like when women go through menopause, their genitals gradually atrophy, if having sex again, it may be more difficult to have sex even back in their twenties,” said Dr. Thanh.

Usually, in the first few times of sex, women often feel pain not due to tight, tight but mainly due to stress and anxiety, causing the person to stiffen. After that, women get used to having sex more relaxed and they no longer have pain and achieve pleasure.

And having sex more or less does not mean that the vaginal canal area will be dilated. Normally, a woman’s vaginal canal is very elastic. Therefore, when women give birth normally, about 3 months, they can stretch back to normal.

In women, their genitals are miraculous, not like an elastic band that stretches when used too much. For example, a normal woman’s uterus is only the size of a small guava, but when pregnant, it can be as big as a melon and after giving birth, the uterus shrinks back to the way it was.

In addition to the concept of color, easy in and out is a many relationship, there is another misconception that many people are making. Dr. Thanh said that many women asked for a caesarean section because they were afraid that the lower line would “break” her baby.

In fact, caesarean section or caesarean section usually does not affect the female genitalia. The vaginal canal is not like an elastic band because it is a kinetic, continuously regenerated, and aging process. As for women who give birth to 1-2 children, there is no need to worry that the baby is “sloppy” after giving birth.

After the age of 35, the hormone levels gradually decrease, especially after menopause, the hormone concentration is almost no longer, the vaginal wall may become thinner and less elastic.

In addition, a diet high in sugar can cause aging of the genital tract, chronic diseases such as constipation can cause pelvic floor muscle strain, can affect the genital tract, but not a lot of love. chemical”.

Khanh Chi

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