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Islanders help lost sperm whales swim back to the sea

ScotlandThe 50-ton sperm whale was escorted by several boats from shallow water to deeper waters off Shetland.

Sperm whale escaped with the help of many people.  Photo: SWNS

Sperm whale escaped with the help of many people. Photo: SWNS

The injured sperm whale was an adult male, about 13.7 meters long and showed no signs of injury. It lost its way and unfortunately swam into the water so shallow that it ran aground. The sperm whale was stranded along the coastal area for about 10 days but was finally able to make its way to the sea with the help of islanders on March 30. It was guided by several boats and escaped the shallows unhurt.

People flocked to the nearby village of Weasdale to watch the giant fish. “The sperm whale swam away and hopefully we’ll never see it again. It moved on the 11th day. People assume it’s a male because female sperm whales rarely swim that far towards it. North. It shows no sign of serious injury. For the first two days it was quite struggling. The waters are relatively shallow, only 8 m deep while sperm whales usually swim at depths of 800 – 1,000 m”, Gary Buchan, who recorded the rescue by drone, shared.

According to Gary, boats run around sperm whales. “They escorted it about 4.8 – 6.4 km, to the water about 40 meters deep. One person on the boat said the fish had dived very deep,” Gary said.

Sperm whales belong to the suborder of whales and toothed dolphins. They are one of the most recognizable whale species in the sea. Their skin is usually brown or gray with white markings around the lower jaw and abdomen. Sperm whales have relatively short, fat flippers and a low hump in place of a dorsal fin. They mainly eat squid. This animal has a lifespan similar to that of a human, about 70 years. Males are about 18.3 m long while females are 12 m long. Young fish 3.5 m long. The maximum weight of males is 57,000 kg.

The massive head of the sperm whale makes up one-third of its body length, and contains the heaviest brain in the animal kingdom. They are also one of the deepest diving mammals in the world, often diving to depths of 400 m below the surface of the water. Sperm whales can hold their breath for up to 2 hours. They live in most oceans around the world except the Arctic and prefer the deep sea. Researchers estimate there are about 100,000 sperm whales on Earth.

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