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Launching website to identify online scams

04/02/2022 17:03 GMT+7

With the cooperation of Google, on April 1, 2022, the National Cyber ​​​​Safety Monitoring Center (NCSC) launched the website (Phishing Sign) to raise awareness about online fraud. …

Launching website to identify online scams provides typical scam situations, helps people recognize the very common scam methods today in Vietnam and around the world, and the “golden rules” in behavior to prevent self-prevention. .

The website provides information identifying common phishing methods and content of cybercriminals. These objects often focus on sensational news groups, fake news from the company or from acquaintances, or make threats by impersonating authorities, impersonating an employee of an e-commerce floor or big brands, use many tricks to attack the psychology of the audience, making them passive and easily led into the trap of scammers.

According to Unicef ​​in Vietnam, cyberspace contains many unsafe risks for many people, especially children.

Accordingly, children may encounter bad, age-inappropriate content such as violence and pornography. Information, images posted or shared can be used by bad guys for bad purposes such as spreading news, cheating, stigmatizing or threatening children. They may be ridiculed, criticized, disparaged or maliciously commented by netizens. They may even be attacked, threatened or misrepresented the image information related to them.

Even some bad guys approach, get acquainted, and solicit children to engage in behaviors such as sending depraved messages or sharing sensitive photos and videos. They can use these images and messages to coerce or threaten them to obey other requests.

In order to help their children not have trouble when participating in the online environment, parents need to discuss with their children to come up with principles when using the Internet and mobile phones such as: Do not use mobile phones. mobile in the bedroom; Control the time your children use the Internet for entertainment purposes; Place network access devices in the common family space.

The most important thing of all solutions is that parents should openly discuss and talk with their children to know what content they often access and use and why. From there, parents guide their children how to make friends and communicate; instruct children to share with parents and teachers as soon as they have problems online.

Tuan Nguyen

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