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“Let the living may live!”

On April 1, the whole social network was shaken with the story of a 10th grade male student jumping from a building to commit suicide. Before making a foolish decision, she left a suicide note that made many people heartbroken. Immediately after the incident, a series of photos and clips capturing the tragic moment were shared at breakneck speed.

In the face of overwhelming public pressure, recently a relative of the victim in the incident spoke up. This person said that she is the biological aunt of the 10th grade male student, the biological sister of the father in the case. Too painful with his family’s story, this person sent a plea to the online community.

The family of the 10th grade male student begged: Let the living people live!  - Photo 1.

A plea from a family member of a 10th grade male student

“I never thought that one day the story that shocked social networks would be my family’s story.

Yes, today’s story is about an Ams male student, who is his own nephew, the father who is being criticized by the online community, is his biological brother.

I was planning to keep quiet.


For the first time in my life, I PLEASE stop sharing pictures and videos.

Please don’t criticize anyone anymore.

Tell the story to warn others. But please don’t post pictures and videos anymore.


Please let my brothers and sisters continue to live.

I beg everyone.

Please have a more tolerant view of both those who leave and those who stay.” the victim’s aunt wrote.

The painful sharing of the male student’s biological aunt received the sympathy of many people. Indeed, those images and clips are like knives that cut deep into the pain of the victim’s family. Right now, they have suffered a great deal of pain and loss.

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