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Malaysian players provocative, dared me to take a penalty the same way they did

The most memorable is the situation where Que Ngoc Hai successfully took a penalty, thereby helping the Vietnamese team beat Malaysia with a score of 2-1 in the second qualifying round. That was when the match was only about 10 minutes, while Vietnam must win if they do not want to make it difficult for themselves in the race to win tickets to round 3.

Faced with heavy pressure, even being constantly used by the opponent to use provoking words to distract, the central defender calmly successfully executed the 11m kick.

Que Ngoc Hai: Malaysian players provoked, challenged me to take a penalty the same way they kicked - Photo 1.

Que Ngoc Hai coldly hit the Malaysian goalkeeper. (Photo: Hu Truc)

Immediately after the match, Que Ngoc Hai once recounted that a Malaysian player kept saying he would shoot out. And recently, in a conversation with BLV Ta Bien Cuong, number 3 of the Vietnamese team revealed more about the general provocation of player De Paula on the Malaysian side.

“I don’t know much English but she seems to say to me: ‘I was kicking my right corner earlier. Now you also kick the right corner. Do you dare to kick that corner?”

Actually, I was going to kick that corner too. The corner I kick the most is the right-hand corner of the goalkeeper (ie the left side of Que Ngoc Hai – PV). But that day I thought maybe their goalkeeper had carefully studied the direction of my kick. That’s why I plan to change the angle of the shot. However, after hearing De Paula say that, I returned to my forte.” Que Ngoc Hai shared.

Earlier in the 73rd minute, De Paula defeated Tan Truong in the penalty kick to equalize 1-1. At that time, the Malaysian naturalized player shot towards his right corner with a decisive phase.

Malaysia 1-2 Vietnam | 2022 World Cup Qualifiers

Also in the conversation last night (April 1), Que Ngoc Hai expressed that he believes that if he continues to qualify for the final round of the next World Cup, the Vietnamese team will improve its performance. This midfielder shared.

“What I said could be right or wrong, but I have to say that before entering the third qualifying round, we thought differently about the opponents.

We think they are more terrible, but if they have enough good forces, full pillars, perhaps our team’s performance will be better. Everyone can see that after every game, the team has a bit of regret, a feeling that they could have had a chance.

I think if we had one more experience in the 3rd qualifying round, the result would be 4 points better. I will work hard, train hard to hope to have one more time to compete in the 3rd qualifying round. Having finished playing once, feeling very happy, very happy. Being able to play in such matches feels a lot like the ability of other players, playing with top-class players helps me to improve very quickly.”

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