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Many Facebook accounts are suddenly locked

According to Protocolon the evening of March 31, many users said the account Facebook Their account was temporarily locked by this social network. The number of people reporting this situation continued to increase on April 1.

When they log into Facebook, they receive the message “Your account has violated the community standards”, so the account has been deleted and cannot be restored. There is still no information on the exact number of accounts that are temporarily locked.

Many Facebook accounts are suddenly locked - 1

Many users who have their accounts locked also think that this is a joke on April 1 of Mark Zuckerberg. (Image: Getty Images)

“Suddenly I got locked out of my Facebook account for not following community standards. No notice, no explanation, my account just flew away.”one user expressed frustration on Twitter.

Another said they were saving photos to their phone when their account was locked. This person even thinks that this is a joke on April 1 of Facebook.

“Last night, for some reason, my friends and I were suddenly deleted from our Facebook account. We were not even informed in advance.”another user expressed.

A few hours after the issue occurred, Meta said it had received the information and patched it on the evening of April 1.

“Recently, Facebook’s technical error caused a small number of users to have problems accessing Facebook. We have tried to fix the error as quickly as possible and are very sorry for the inconvenience.” Facebook representative Andy Stone shared with Protocol.

Some photos also show that users who have been locked out of their accounts are not even able to appeal Facebook’s decision. In the photo, the message box reads: “We cannot review this decision. Your account is disabled for not complying with community standards.”

Previously, many users repeatedly complained that Facebook did not provide an explanation for the community standards they violated. There are people who have not posted any articles on the platform but still have their accounts disabled. Many other people are also affected Instagram accounts.

In addition, when hacked by hackers, it is difficult for users to get their accounts back. This happened because the company technology lack of direct support from staff when users have account problems, Protocol identify.

March 31, The Verge said Facebook had experienced a problem with its ranking algorithm, allowing content that has been marked as “misleading” or “problematic” to still appear in users’ News Feeds.

This causes the views of malicious content and fake news on Facebook to increase sharply. This vulnerability has been present since 2019 but did not have a noticeable impact until October 2021.

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