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Meet without panic, victory is not arrogant, failure is not discouraged

“Human life is a rare spiritual opportunity, don’t miss it easily.”


After a heavy rain, the spider’s web is destroyed by the rainwater. The spider was blown to the ground, it tried to climb up, but because the wall was too slippery, it fell down every time it climbed.

At this time, the first person passing by saw this and sighed: “My life is also a failure like this spider, I am really useless.”

The second person who saw this exclaimed: “The spirit of the spider is commendable and admirable”.

With different attitudes, life will be different.

Some people can’t stand the beatings of life, encountering a little difficulty, and quickly surrendered. While some people fail many times, they still silently try to fight.

My cousin is such a person. You are an old policeman. At the age of 50, he surprised everyone when he decided to take the judicial exam.

He failed the exam several times in a row, but finally in the fifth year he received his certificate.

Usually his work is very busy. He could only try to squeeze the little time off his day to study. When he failed the exam three years in a row, everyone in his family lost faith and advised him to give up.

But my uncle is a person who, although defeated, is not discouraged. The more he failed, the more he tried to learn.

Every day, everywhere he was studying was seen. On the train on a business trip, in the hotel, in the waiting room after overtime, solving cases…, whenever there is time, you will see him flipping through the review materials.

When he was tired of studying, he did not force himself to cram. He would relax by taking pictures or staying at home practicing calligraphy or reading his favorite books.

He once said: “Study and life complement each other. Failure can happen, but the mentality must not be defeated”.

On the 4th exam, he failed again because he had to take care of his injured mother who was hospitalized for several months. Faced with such a result, he just calmly smiled and said: “It’s okay, next year we will fight again.”

It was with that mentality that he finally earned his certificate in his fifth year, leaving a beautiful mark on his life.

The uncle over 50 years old has done what many young people cannot do.

Has iron grinding makes perfect.

In the movie The Eve once said: “Those with will not never fail, but never give up”.

Signs of a person who has the ability to rise high in life: Meet with no panic, victory is not arrogant, failure is not discouraged - Photo 2.


I love a quote: “The best way to see through a person is to see them at the peak of fame and fortune.”

If you come from a low status, respecting others is instinctive. But when you are in a high position and you still do not forget to treat others with humility, that is a great way..

Binh recalled a few things between him and Thuong:

In the early 1950s, Thuong presided over the editing and review of textbooks. Binh was also a member of that editorial reform.

Because Thuong first went to the north, his dialect was not standard. Therefore, Thuong asked Binh to advise him in the process of reforming and compiling books.

Lower in status, Binh only dared to give some constructive suggestions.

But Thuong humbly said: “You can fix it directly, don’t be afraid. If I see something unreasonable, I will correct it later”.

After that, if there is a place that needs to be corrected, Thuong also consults Binh first. With Binh’s consent, Thuong started editing.

Often not only being humble and polite at work, he is even more humble in everyday life.

In a meeting, someone asked. Often criticize others.

Not wanting to embarrass others, he told everyone: “All I can do is criticize myself. As for criticizing others for right and wrong, I really can’t do it.”

He is such a person who always has the greatest respect for everyone.

Tagore once said, “When we are humble and self-respecting, we are getting closer to greatness.”

Living great is not doing great things to the world, but always having a humble heart and respecting others.

Signs of a person who has the ability to rise high in life: Meet the fear, the victory is not arrogant, the failure is not discouraged - Photo 3.


What skills are so important, that most people don’t have?

It is the ability to stay calm when something unfortunate happens.

Company A once held a customer appreciation party and invited a famous pianist to perform.

For more than a month, all the company’s employees put all their efforts into preparing for the program. Unexpectedly, during the rehearsal, there was an incident.

The theater’s sound and air conditioning equipment was broken, so there was constant noise. The pianist refused to perform under such conditions.

Everyone was very confused at that time. Some people complain of bad luck, some argue with theater staff, others worry about how to keep both sides intact.

At this time, the leader of company A stepped forward and quickly stabilized the situation.

First, he acted as a mediator to mediate the quarrel between his colleagues and the theater side. He reassured and encouraged everyone.

Next, he asked the theater side to urgently arrange backup equipment, and at the same time discussed with the pianist whether he could perform without sound and air conditioning.

After contacting all three parties, the leader of Company A immediately let his colleagues rush to compose an apology letter in case of force majeure.

In the end, the device was not set up and the show had to go on as usual.

First, the leader of Company A went on stage to bow to the audience, then he apologized and explained the whole thing with sincere words and a calm attitude.

The final performance was still very successful, the audience responded with warm applause when the show ended.

Because people are touched to see such a wonderful party in such difficult material conditions.

In life, we have probably all experienced at least one of these things in our lives:

If the next day has important work, the night before will worry to the point of losing sleep. Or when we encounter an unexpected event that does not go as planned, we become impatient and panic.

All sorts of unfortunate things come rushing in at the same time that we don’t know what to do. The more you try to arrange it, the more confused it becomes. Rushing always makes people lose their way.

Only when we calm down and don’t let our emotions control us can we see the true nature of our problems and think of ways to fix them.

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