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[NÓNG] The first European country announced that “from this April, it will no longer import Russian gas”

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda announced on April 2: “From this month, there will be no more gas from Russia in Lithuania”.

“Decisions made many years ago made it possible for us to break the energy relationship [với Nga] easily, painlessly. If we can do this, then other European countries can too,” the leader shared on his personal Twitter account.

According to marketscreener.com, the operator of the Lithuanian gas transmission system Amber Grid on April 2 confirmed that the amount of gas the country imports from Russia through the Lithuania-Belarus pipeline is 0 MWh.

Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys said it was a historic turning point in the country’s energy independence: “We are the first EU country to declare independence from Russian gas supplies. is the result of long-term consistency in energy policy and the construction of related infrastructure”.

Thus, the decree to pay for gas in Russian rubles has become “meaningless” for Lithuania, because it no longer orders Russian gas and has no plan to pay Russia.

Earlier, the European Commission prepared an emergency plan to replace Russia’s gas supply, with a consumption of 155 billion cubic meters per year.

Among the proposed measures include reducing the use of radiators and air conditioners (which will save about 14 billion cubic meters of gas), boosting Biogas production, as well as wind energy projects. and the sun (to save another 25 billion cubic meters of gas).

In the wake of a wave of Western sanctions over what Russia calls a “military operation in Ukraine”, which includes freezing Russia’s overseas assets and excluding Russia from the SWIFT payment system, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will not be affected. signed a decree requiring countries “unfriendly” to Russia to pay for gas in rubles.

This ordinance took effect on April 1.


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