Once strongly introducing his own social network, Mr. Donald Trump now neglects his beloved child and gradually sinks into oblivion.

Truth Social had an impressive opening with millions of downloads on the App Store at the time of launch. For a time, Trump’s social network was at the top of the free apps chart on the App Store.

However, only a short time later, this “Twitter for Right” platform gradually faded away.

According to analytics website Sensor Tower, only 60,000 new users sign up each week on Apple’s App Store app. Sensor Tower strategist Stephanie Chan said that Truth Social’s downloads were down 93% from 872,000 installs in the week of February 21.

That number may not be exhaustive as hundreds of thousands of users were able to download Truth Social with the ability to open the app on their devices, but remain on a waiting list without access to full functionality. . Truth Social is also not yet available to Android users, a group that is likely to bring in millions of additional downloads.

For comparison, the analyst added download statistics of the closest competitors to Truth Social. That same week, Parler (a social network primarily for conservatives) had 20,000 to 25,000 daily iOS users in the US. Or Gettr, which is estimated to have 23,000 installs. However, to catch up with either of those big platforms, Truth Social has a long way to go.

  Once strongly introducing his own social network, Donald Trump now neglects his beloved child and gradually sinks into oblivion - Photo 1.

This is also understandable when users are no longer patient enough with the platform without the necessary innovations. Up to now, Truth Social has not yet had an official version for Android users.

Even former President Donald Trump, the founder of Truth Social, seems to have neglected to have any significant interactions since he first posted content in mid-February (before the platform launched).

The launch of Truth Social is expected to restore Mr. Trump’s presence on social media, more than a year after he was banned on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for inciting supporters that led to riots in the US. The Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Before his account was removed from Twitter, Mr. Trump had 88 million followers. At its peak, a tweet from Mr. Trump could kick-start a news cycle and rock the stock market.

“What makes Truth Social different? We are a social media platform free of political discrimination. Join us to share, communicate”, the description of writing application.

The app is similar to Twitter, but Truth Social is positioning itself as an uncensored alternative. In addition, users will not be able to edit the article after it has been uploaded to the Truth Social platform, because “the truth does not need to be edited”.

Once expected to become the most democratic social network, Truth Social is not really “democratic” as the introduction. The platform used to collect significant information from users to learn about their opinions and behaviour. Truth Social even disables users who are believed to post inappropriate information.

After more than a month since its launch, it seems that Mr. Trump’s social network has stopped at the level of “transitional phenomenon”. Obviously, in order to develop or at least maintain the platform, Truth Social must have certain breakthroughs, especially when Facebook and Twitter are both companies with many years of operation, building a database of people. loyal use. bow-fish-birds-acquaintance-lang-20220402105729648.chn

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