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Online girlfriend died in an accident, the guy came to visit and discovered the shocking truth

According to Chongqing Radio and Television Station, Mr. Zhu (nearly 30 years old, from Chongqing, China) accidentally

met Ms. Zhang Yan through a dating app. Yan is a beautiful girl, gentle and very suitable for Mr. Zhu.

During the time of online love, Ms. Yan used many reasons to borrow money from her boyfriend. Having good economic conditions, Mr. Zhu immediately transferred the money to his girlfriend, thinking that if he was a man, it was natural for him to provide such money. He also did not pay much attention when Ms. Yan did not pay, thinking that it would be fine to meet him later.

Online girlfriend died in an accident, the guy came to visit and discovered the shocking truth - Photo 1.

The boy was surprised to find that his online girlfriend turned out to be a guy pretending to be. Illustration

Seeing that the feelings were quite deep, Mr. Zhu mentioned about meeting in person, unexpectedly at this time received news of Yan’s sister, announcing that she had just died in a car accident. This news made Mr. Zhu shocked and saddened.

As a philanthropist, even though he had never met Ms. Yan in person, Mr. Zhu still decided to visit his girlfriend’s house online to visit but no funeral was held. When he knocked on the door of the house, a young man surnamed Tan (about 20 years old) appeared in front of him.

Faced with Zhu’s suspicions and questioning, Tan had to admit that he was posing as Zhang Yan. He pretended to be a woman and used online photos to fool Mr. Zhu with the aim of defrauding him of money. Discovering that he had been cheated with both love and money, Mr. Zhu was extremely angry and immediately reported to the police. Currently, Chongqing city police are investigating and clarifying the incident.

Regarding his online girlfriend, the story of an 18-year-old boy in Dalian, Liaoning (China) recently caused a stir in the online community. According to the story, having only known each other for a few days through social networks, the boy and the other girl freely shared with each other everything from study, family, friends to future goals.

Perhaps because he talked too much and was quite compatible, the young man felt like he had met the true love of his life, many times he asked to meet face-to-face but was rejected. At this time, the guy came up with a bold idea to take advantage of the time when ordering food online for his girlfriend, asking the shipper to help her look at her face to see if it was the same as in the picture, if possible, he should record a video for him. can be seen clearly.

The shipper followed the plan, and eventually discovered that the young man’s online girlfriend turned out to be a middle-aged aunt over 50 years old. The young man was a little heartbroken when he learned that his old aunt had cheated on him, but he was also lucky because he knew about it early, otherwise things could develop worse.

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