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Open the skylight, replace the large glass door to keep the old house cool

The 3-storey building was built a long time ago, with an outdated design and lack of light. Architect Pham Ngoc Nam opened the skylight to get air and opened the door for the wind to rush into the house.

The 3-storey house was built for a long time, so many of the walls began to peel off. With the desire for the family to have an open and large space to live, architect Pham Ngoc Nam – the owner of the house has made a comprehensive change to the house.

Architect Pham Ngoc Nam shared that because the structure was still good, he did not destroy it and rebuild it, but decided to renovate it.

The facades before and after the renovation, look more modern, clear and cool thanks to the lush greenery.

At first, he stripped all the mortar and re-plastered. Because the structure of the house is symmetrical, the stairs are in the middle of the two rooms, so the back room is quite lacking in light.

He solved this problem by opening more windows on the side and windows near the stairs, and at the same time adding a glass skylight above to let natural light down. The room in front of him made large glass doors to get the best natural light.

Because the house was built for a long time, the leaky part was quite heavy, he invested in redoing the entire waterproofing part from the roof, to the balconies, to the toilets with the best materials, and reprocessed the part adjacent to the row. neighbors, preventing water from seeping into the house.

Stairs transform after changing tiles, black handrails.

He chose porcelain white paint tones to bring a bright feeling to the house and look more spacious and luxurious. Part interior He uses all moisture-resistant industrial wood with a youthful and modern style.

New style kitchen, comfortable, luxurious and clean.

The living room has a Korean style, the sofa is in deep colors, while the cabinets are used in striking white.

High-rise gypsum ceiling, fitted with modern LED lights, for a cozy home.

The bedroom changes the curtains, repaints the walls and changes the tiles to turn into a comfortable resting space.

Mr. Nam said that the interior is exploited to the maximum use, ensuring that there are no redundant details. That not only gives space nice house but also create a neat place for the owner.

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