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Perfect living space in Essensia

The apartments in the model of “skyline villas” are the privileges that Essensia investors are dedicated to creating, not only to meet the needs of residence and career, but also where residents enjoy a full life. whole.

Perfect living space in Essensia
Essensia is located in Mailand Hanoi City – the creative city at the western gateway of Hanoi

When living standards change

The latest report of real estate brokerage company Sotheby’s International Realty in early 2022 shows that the trend of home ownership is increasing with the Millennials. When the border reopens, the demand from international customers in the context of limited supply will cause high-end and luxury house prices in many places, especially financial centers.

The difference is that if 2020 and 2021 are the “stages” of suburban houses, 2022 will bring opportunities for apartments that meet both working and living needs, near offices.

With the desire to find a better place to live when reaching new milestones in life and career, the participation of Millennials and foreign workers pushes up housing prices, especially in the high-end apartment segment. and luxury increased.

Especially, after Covid-19, a group of Millennial customers with financial potential are actively hunting for homes that incorporate elements of personal health protection and attachment to nature into the design, with prices 10-25% higher than conventional real estate. They are willing to spend money to experience like at high-end resorts as well as show a worthy level.

Tran Minh Tuan, a freelance broker of the Millennials generation shared: “The love of convenience is clearly demonstrated by the customer group’s interest in the connected location and closed utility system. of project. In particular, since Covid-19, a greener, safer life, not wanting places that are too crowded, houses not too high-rise, low-density construction for distancing… are the requirements. minimum”.

Perfect living space in Essensia
Not green, live green, relax for residents of Mailand Hanoi City

Most of these customers tend to “indulge” themselves more, they want to step out of the room and step into an elevator that is regularly cleaned, and when they step down the campus, there is a breakfast bar, a coffee shop, cinema, swimming pool… and beyond is a school right in the house so that young children can practice independence when they go to school on their own.

Essensia – The ideal place to live

Statistics from Batdongsan.vn show that, in the past 2 years, the demand for searching and learning about projects with diverse utility systems can meet basic needs such as studying, taking care of health, shopping, fun, entertainment, sports, relaxation, community connection… rapidly increasing.

Many projects, although only recently launched to the market like Essensia, have quickly attracted customers. In which, 51 apartments in the first sale have been deposited by customers.

Mr. TM – Project Sales Director said, Essensia is a component project of MaiLand Hanoi City – an innovative city in planning, urban design and cultural identity, with the companion of UNESCO and the UN. – Habitat. With an area of ​​2.5 hectares, four Essensia towers (496 apartments) are located in the center of Mailand Hanoi City.

Inspired by the conservation of environmental resources and ecosystems, the Essensia project is well-planned with smart architecture and optimal green space design, giving residents experiential prices. aesthetic, emotional and inspirational for the people who live, work and play here.

Perfect living space in Essensia
Essensia residents can shop and experience convenience at their doorstep

True to the criterion of “Living to the fullest in Essensia”, Essensia residents will enjoy many internal utilities and easily connect to countless external utilities. At the doorstep is a diverse ecosystem like a 5-star resort, complete from commerce, culture, health, international education to a safe, secure and comfortable environment on the current digital technology platform. along with advanced services.

Managed and operated according to the smart city models U-city, U-eco, U-health (very popular in urban management in Korea), residents will enjoy a safe living environment, comfortable, while saving management costs, and improving service quality for businesses in the city.

With class values, fully meeting the standards of the times, Essensia is considered as the ideal project of the current capital’s housing market. In terms of real housing needs, the fact that the project has been put into operation is a great condition for settling down and starting a business. Complete legal, hand-turned red book brings peace of mind to residents.

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