President of Ho Chi Minh City: Le Hoa Binh’s imprint remains forever on many city projects

In infinite emotion, President of Ho Chi Minh City Phan Van Mai choked when reading the eulogy: “Mr. Binh has passed away, but his imprints will still be imprinted on many works, we will forever remember them. older brother”.

This morning (April 2), a large number of leaders, relatives, friends and people of Ho Chi Minh City were present to see off Standing Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Le Hoa Binh to his final resting place. together.

The memorial ceremony took place in the infinite mourning of those present. In a quiet atmosphere, the eulogy of City President Phan Van Mai was filled with emotion when referring to the years that “Oxygen tank” had plunged into work like a soldier who went to war, fiercely in each direction to The city has many beautiful and meaningful works, serving the people.

President of Ho Chi Minh City: Le Hoa Binh’s imprint remains forever on many city projects
President of Ho Chi Minh City Phan Van Mai many times choked when reading his farewell eulogy for Mr. Le Hoa Binh

According to Mr. Mai, it is possible to mention the cluster of Bach Dang Wharf Park, Me Linh Park, the Tho Ngu Flagpole… which is spectacularly beautiful and changed the face of the city as it is today thanks to the full implementation and direction. enthusiasm and determination of Vice President Le Hoa Binh city.

“Even though he’s gone, his imprint will forever be on the works that he worked so hard to build,” said Mr. Mai emotionally.

According to Mr. Mai, after 26 years of working in many positions, wherever Vice Chairman of the city Le Hoa Minh is always a calm, sincere person, close to everyone. As an officer with professional competence, high responsibility, always listening. As a party member who is dedicated to his work, dares to sacrifice himself; a brave, enthusiastic and effective leader, wholeheartedly, putting the common interests of the people first and foremost.

Being a person who is always proactive in difficult and complicated jobs in the spirit of serving the people, ready to shoulder the work of the collective, unhesitatingly, always asking to listen and share the difficulties of the people and enterprise.

In directing and operating, was fiercely clinging, creative, enterprising, solving difficult, complex and outstanding problems.

The head of the city government also said that Vice Chairman of the city Le Hoa Binh has proposed many solutions, mechanisms and policies to promote urban development, contributing to the city’s socio-economic development. .

“Remembering comrade Le Hoa Binh, we appreciate a leading cadre who has just received the task and immediately plunged into the battle against Covid-19 in the most difficult and fiercest period. Comrade took advantage of every hour, every minute to focus and urge, along with the whole political system, to quickly build a series of field hospitals to promptly care for and treat patients. Especially the race to ensure the oxygen supply for the whole city”, Mr. Mai was touched by every word.

According to Mr. Mai, when the city gradually controlled the epidemic and entered the recovery phase, Vice Chairman of the city Le Hoa Binh continued to plunge into the “war” of economic recovery when implementing strategies, flexible and effective socio-economic activities in the new situation.

President of Ho Chi Minh City: Le Hoa Binh's imprint remains forever on many city projects
Hundreds of people attended the memorial and farewell ceremony for Vice President Le Hoa Binh. Photo: Truong Thanh Tung

Referring to the unfinished plans and ambitions left by Mr. Le Hoa Binh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City said that he and his colleagues will never forget Mr. Binh’s confession when presenting the action program. act as a political commitment before the City Council with ideas and plans that are still unfinished.

It focuses on breakthroughs in infrastructure development, strong application of digital transformation, promotion of artificial intelligence, large databases in urban management and technical infrastructure. It is promoting the attraction of social forces, the participation of all classes for urban development. These are projects to develop housing for people, improve traffic, develop traffic, prevent flooding and environmental pollution, develop trees…

“Too many things to do, so many plans to cherish. The things that you want to do, are doing are the things that the people look forward to. The Standing Board of the City Party Committee, the collective of the City People’s Committee will continue to fulfill your unfinished promise to the voters of the city when elected to hold the position of Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, “Mr. Mai choked.

Expressing his shock and grief at the sudden departure of Mr. Le Hoa Binh, City President Phan Van Mai choked on his last farewells: “Tears have fallen a lot in the past few days. But we believe that he will not regret because he lived and made a very important contribution to the Party Committee, government and people of the city. May you rest in peace.”

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