Rescue the woman whose hand was “swallowed” by a meat grinder

On the afternoon of April 2, Lam Dong General Hospital said that after being operated on by doctors, the wound on Ms. L’s right finger had recovered well and the victim’s health was stable.

Before that, on the morning of April 1, the Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Department of Lam Dong Province Police received a request from the local authorities to go to Lac Duong town to rescue a woman who was being injured. hand stuck inside meat grinder. People and functional forces at the facility tried everything but could not get the woman’s hand out of the meat grinder.

Rescue the woman whose hand was swallowed by the meat grinder - Photo 1.

The time when the authorities rescued the victim.

At the scene, Ms. L is in pain because the fingers of her right hand are stuck in the grinding table of the meat grinder, bleeding a lot. The functional force quickly used hydraulic equipment, specialized force pliers, broke down the meat grinder, successfully rescued the victim, and immediately transferred to Lam Dong General Hospital for emergency treatment. the right finger was seriously injured and lost a lot of blood.

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