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Sister-in-law killing ants makes me angry

My sister-in-law is 28 years old, she and her husband live far away, only come back home once a few months. Recently, my sister-in-law came home to play and went to the kitchen to help my mother cook.

I’m not a vegetarian or a fan of anything, I just believe in the law of cause and effect. I saw the frying pan with the meat my mother forgot to wash and ants in it. She showed a disgusted attitude, drained the water to kill the ants and washed the pan.

I stood eating fruit nearby, saw that and said: “Why don’t you put it on the kitchen floor, when the ants have gone, wash it”. I said I need that pan to fry fish, wait until the ants go away. My brother and I had an unnecessary argument, I think it is not necessary to kill all the ants like that. Finally, my sister-in-law said: “You say that because you’ve never been in the kitchen. Mom and I have to do the kitchen, we need to handle it quickly so we can take care of the children. Do you think I have free time to wait for the ants to leave?” ? Naturally, I have a grudge against her.

>> Hate my sister-in-law for “robbing” my brother

In addition, sister-in-law always wins the hearts of the other party. She is well-educated, well-educated, well-spoken, talented, has a decent career, and takes good care of her children. My brother is in love with her, as if under a spell and seems to be below her. You just need to glance at me and my brother will find a way to soothe it right away. All feelings about her in me disappeared because of her killing action. Am I unreasonable?


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