Sneaking behind the emperor, what is that?

During the feudal period in China, the emperor’s harem had thousands of beautiful concubines and concubines. Therefore, having to manage the harem concubines also caused the emperor a lot of headaches. Thanks to the appearance of eunuchs, the emperor helped solve many problems in the harem.

The eunuchs were assigned to serve at the side of the emperor, the royal family and especially the harem concubines. With the attachment, close servants of eunuchs with concubines in the ancient harem gradually formed an underground relationship, what is it?

The eunuch in the old harem

The eunuchs in the feudal period, especially in the Ming Dynasty, had a very large number, the eunuch (eunuch) institution of this period amounted to more than 90,000 people. The Qing Dynasty reformed the cumbersome eunuch institution of the Ming Dynasty, building a strict system of governance.

The rank of eunuch of the Qing Dynasty was extremely strict. In the palace of the Qing dynasty, there was also established a specialized agency managed by the eunuchs, namely the “Governing Chamber”, also known as the “Governing Court of the Country”.

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Eunuchs can still get help to pass the test.

The regulation of the palace is that the little eunuchs in the palace will see it every 3 years and will have to check once every 5 years to see if the meat has come out. However, conducting this test can still be easily bypassed. Because if the eunuchs are favored by the concubines, these beauties will let them pass the test easily.

Before entering the palace, the eunuchs performed purification. Therefore, the daily affairs of the concubines were served by the eunuchs and the palace maids. Although he had to purify himself, the eunuch was still a man by nature.

Therefore, for a long time serving the concubines, the eunuchs are likely to be very excited. On the other hand, by serving favored concubines, the eunuchs will also enjoy blessings. But at these times, there will still be some eunuchs who are uncontrollably excited and perform non-standard behaviors with their concubines.

Possible relationship between eunuch and harem concubine

In particular, for the emperor’s nightly visit, the eunuchs had to do the work for the emperor to flip the cards of his concubine. Therefore, if the concubine wants to have the opportunity to visit, she has to rely on the help of the eunuchs a lot. Taking advantage of this, these eunuchs came up with intentions with their concubines.

Moreover, in the vast harem, there are thousands of beautiful and talented concubines who wish to serve the emperor to compete for favor. But there is only one emperor, so there are thousands of estranged concubines in the harem. They have to endure a lonely, cold, estranged life. Therefore, there were also many concubines who developed relationships between eunuchs.

Although the eunuchs before entering the palace may have undergone a rigorous purification process. But because the body was still young and the techniques for using it were still primitive, there were still eunuchs who were able to develop again. Even though they were completely purified, there were many techniques that could satisfy the concubines.

  The hidden relationship between the eunuch and the harem concubine: Sneaking behind the emperor's back, what is it?  - Photo 2.

The eunuch and concubine can develop feelings for each other.

In general, a relationship between a eunuch and a concubine can be said to be unacceptable. But in terms of nature, they are also normal people, so it is difficult to avoid personal feelings and desires. They themselves in the old society were pushed into awkward, somewhat pitiful situations. 20220331095837144.htm

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