Story of Kim Dung: The end for the third person to sabotage Truong Vo Ky’s wedding

In the novel “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” by the late writer Kim Dung, Truong Vo Ky worships the way to get married, Trieu Man sabotages the wedding.

In Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, Zhang Wuji met Chu Chi Nhuoc when she was 10 years old, they can be considered as each other’s childhood. At this time, Truong Vo Ky was suffering from the pain of losing his parents, and was hit by Huyen Minh’s palm again.

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Truong Vo Ky in the movie “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” 2019.

Although only 10 years old, Chu Chi Nhuoc always took care of Vo Ky with kindness, she once fed him porridge at the Han Thuy riverbank, wiped his tears when he cried, fearing that he would not live long. .

The appearance of Chu Chi Nhuoc at this stage was like the morning sun to help Truong Vo Ky no longer worry and be depressed.

After that, Thuong Ngo Xuan took Truong Vo Ky to Ho Diep Coc to ask his uncle Diep Coc fairy medicine Ho Thanh Nguu to treat him, in exchange Truong Tam Phong brought Chu Chi Nhuoc back to Wudang Mountain.

When parting on the banks of the Han Thuy River, Chu Chi Nhuoc took a handkerchief to wipe tears for Truong Vo Ky and also gave this embroidered towel to him.

Chu Chi Nhuoc followed Truong Tam Phong to Wudang mountain, but the Wudang sect did not accept women, so he had to take them to Nga Mi mountain and was accepted by the Master of Thai to be accepted as a disciple and teach martial arts.

Chu Chi Nhuoc was gentle and docile, so he was loved by Dieu Tuyet Master Thai.

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Chu Chi Nhuoc in the movie “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” 2019.

According to the development of the story, before his death, Dieu Tuyet Su Thai transferred the position of sect master to Chu Chi Nhuoc, clarified the secret in Do Long Dao and Thien Sword for Chu Chi Nhuoc, made her swear never to marry Truong. Wu Ji is married and must obtain these two treasures to practice the superior martial arts in order to destroy the Ming religion.

However, even though he had sworn a poison oath to his master, Chu Chi Nhuoc defied everything because of his deep love for Truong Vo Ky. On the peak of Quang Minh, when Chu Chi Nhuoc was about to worship Truong Vo Ky, Trieu Man appeared and asked Truong Vo Ky to make his second promise to annul the marriage.

Truong Vo Ky disagreed, but Trieu Man used a bunch of Ta Ton’s hair to threaten. Truong Vo Ky gave up on worshiping the road and ran after Trieu Man hoping to save his father’s life.

Chu Chi Nhuo was in great pain, injured Trieu Man, then left for Nga Mi and determined to take revenge on Truong Vo Ky.

Truong Vo Ky wholeheartedly healed Trieu Man’s wounds and then gradually realized that he loved Trieu Man the most and lived with Trieu Man for the rest of his life. However, despite having Truong Vo Ky’s heart, the two were still not allowed to worship because of their promise to Chu Chi Nhuoc.

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Zhao Man in the movie “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” 2019.

Trieu Man is a Mongol, the daughter of Nhu Duong Vuong Cha Khan Dat Muer of the Yuan Dynasty, the sister of Kho Kho Tac Mu’er (also known as Vuong Bao Bao).

Princess Trieu Man has beauty, pride, intelligence, intelligence, more cunning than people, is pampered by her father, invites many martial arts masters to teach her martial arts, and allows her to walk freely on the streets. gangster.

Among Trieu Man’s subordinates are very powerful martial arts characters such as Huyen Minh Nhi Lao, A Nhat, A Nhi, A Tam…

That’s why she was so cruel, locked up the spears, and almost cut Chu Chi Nhuoc’s beautiful face if it wasn’t for Truong Vo Ky to save her.

She also accomplished many intentions such as subduing the Six Great Sects that were opposing the Mongols, unifying the Central Highlands and the Gypsy world…

However, after meeting and falling in love with Truong Vo Ky, Trieu Man gave up his identity, was banished by his father, and rejected the country. Even Wu Ji doesn’t accept what she did before. However, she has no regrets, but always loves with all her heart and helps Wuji anytime, anywhere.

Finally, Truong Vo Ky realizes that Trieu Man is the true love of his life. Both decided to wash their hands, put down swords, withdraw from the Gypsy.

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