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Students get full scholarships right after high school

FPT Jetking Full Scholarship

FPT Cyber ​​​​Warrior Scholarship was born to find young people who are passionate about the field of System Administration & Cybersecurity. To be able to receive valuable scholarships of FPT Jetking, candidates need to pass two challenging rounds.

In the first round, the candidates need to take the math and logic exam and have a total average score of 60 or higher to be able to enter the second round. In order for the school to understand more about the candidate, the candidate will have an interview with the management board. school sign. Scholarships for candidates who pass both rounds include: 15 Golden Warrior scholarships (supporting 100% of tuition fees) and 30 Silver Warrior scholarships (supporting 50% of tuition fees).

Students get full scholarships right after high school - Photo 1.

FPT Cyber ​​Warrior Scholarship

First high school student to get 100% scholarship at FPT Jetking

Ly Minh Nhat – a former student of Vinh Loc B High School is the first owner of the Golden Warrior scholarship, supported with 100% of tuition fees at FPT Jetking. It is known that Ly Minh Nhat was a very good and good student when he was still in high school. Minh Nhat’s 12th grade total score was 8.9 points and the National High School exam score was 23.45 points – block A.

Since childhood, Minh Nhat has idolized hackers in movies and has a hobby of playing games. So when he grew up, he decided to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. When he learned about FPT Jetking through career guidance activities at high school, Minh Nhat decided to apply for a scholarship exam to challenge himself and pursue his passion.

To be able to confidently participate in the scholarship exam, Minh Nhat has prepared a lot before participating in the contest such as learning logical maths, information on System Administration and Network Security, referencing the best experience in the field. Experience interviewing on Google and listen to advice from family and friends.

Ly Minh Nhat shared: “I really like puzzle math games, so I wasn’t surprised when I participated in the math logic test. In the second essay test, I only answered honestly my wishes and I was very bad at literature so I was quite surprised when I passed. In the second round, I was invited to the school for a face-to-face interview Since this was my first time participating in an interview, I’m very nervous. Thanks to the advice and encouragement of my family, I have more determination and confidence to pass the interview.”

Students get full scholarships right after high school - Photo 2.

Ly Minh Nhat – the first owner of a 100% scholarship

When receiving a 100% scholarship at FPT Jetking, Minh Nhat felt like it was a dream because he thought that he could only get 50% of the scholarship. “When I won the scholarship and decided to study at FPT Jetking. My friends, teachers and family congratulated me and above all, my family for reducing the burden of tuition fees.”

Ly Minh Nhat’s impression when studying at FPT Jetking

Currently, Minh Nhat is studying in Semester 2 at class J1.2108.M0, FPT Jetking. After a period of practice at the school, Minh Nhat feels that this is a very dynamic and innovative environment. “I not only study with my classmates, but also study with older siblings. Everyone is very good and I have learned a lot from my classmates. Especially the teachers. Always willing to help me when I have difficulty in studying.”

Due to the schedule at FPT Jetking, there are only three sessions a week, so in his free time, Minh Nhat can work part-time to gain more income and experience in future work. Being fully equipped with knowledge at school and gaining experience through part-time work has helped Japan get closer and closer to her dream of becoming a white hat hacker.

Minh Nhat shared: “My goal when I graduate from school is to apply to a big technology company to work, it may be a bit extreme, but here I will learn more.”

Students get full scholarships right after high school - Photo 3.

Photo of friend Ly Minh Nhat

FPT Jetking is the leading training program in System Administration and Cybersecurity in Vietnam. FPT Jetking is a joint program between FPT Education Organization and Jetking Academy India. Students here have the ability to work immediately after graduation in fields that are new trends, with great demand for human resources in the global IT industry such as: network security, system administration, cloud computing …


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