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The fulcrum to bring Vietnam futsal to the World Cup

Over 15 years since its establishment, Thai Son Nam is now the number one monument of Vietnamese futsal with a total of 11 national championships. This is also the representative team of Vietnam that resonates greatly in the international arena, with 3 times of 3rd place and 1 time of runner-up in 6 times participating in the Asian Championship.

The work of elected Tu

Thai Son Nam Futsal Club was established at a time when this sport was still unfamiliar and uninterested in Vietnam. However, with his enthusiasm and ambition, Mr. Tran Anh Tu gradually built up a methodical team with a long-term plan.

Bau Tu, the boss of Thai Son Nam Club as well as Vietnamese futsal, has traveled to countries where this sport thrives, from Thailand to Spain and Italy. Those trips not only helped elected Tu to expand his relationship, but most importantly, learn and learn how to operate and develop futsal from scratch.

Thai Son Nam Club: The fulcrum to bring Vietnamese futsal to the World Cup - 1

Thai Son Nam futsal club is the enthusiastic work of elected Tu.

Top experts from Thailand, Spain and Italy were also recruited to serve Thai Son Nam Club. They not only train and coach the main squad to compete in national and international tournaments, but also play an important role in developing a generation of young players and young coaches to ensure long-term success. long and solid.

Thai Son Nam Club has also become a pioneer sports team in building its own gymnasium with modern facilities, in order to best support the practice of the entire system.

Thai Son Nam is also a rare team to build a professional women’s futsal team, with players signed with long-term contracts and carefully cared for. Not many people notice, but the Vietnamese women’s futsal team is always in the group of strong teams of the region and continent and has a very significant contribution from Thai Son Nam female players.

The fulcrum for the Vietnamese team

Vietnamese futsal from a team not many people know quickly created a big buzz when winning tickets to the FIFA Futsal World Cup for two consecutive times in 2016 and 2021. Even in both tournaments, the Vietnamese team. They all made it to the knockout round.

Thai Son Nam Club: The fulcrum to bring Vietnamese futsal to the World Cup - 2

Thai Son Nam holds the record for the number of national championships.

Thai Son Nam Club, with its number one position in the Vietnamese futsal village, has made an important contribution to that success as well as during the more than decade-long journey of realizing the dream of the World Cup. Bau Tu’s team always provides a large number of high-quality national players.

Of the 14 Vietnamese players who attended the 2016 World Cup, 12 are members of Thai Son Nam Club. After 5 years, the force of this club still accounts for more than half of the national team participating in the world arena.

This club is also considered as the best environment to train top Vietnamese futsal players from the youth level. Mr. Tran Anh Tu has always kept his vision of developing Vietnam’s futsal from the ground up, so that attending the World Cup is not just a temporary success.

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